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Wedding Ring Styles

Blue Nile offers an incredible selection of beautiful wedding bands and we're excited to help you find the perfect style. Whether you want to keep it simple with a classic gold wedding band or go with a design that has sparkling diamonds, our experts can help you with every detail. Looking for a men's wedding band? Learn more about Men's Wedding Rings.                                                                                                                                                                                            
A stack of diamond eternity bands

Diamond Wedding Bands

Our beautiful collection of diamond wedding rings spans an array of timeless styles from petite micropavé in white gold to 
chanel-set diamonds in a platinum band.
Diamond eternity band and engagement ring

Eternity Wedding Bands

Our eternity wedding bands feature an endless row of perfectly-matched diamonds or colored gemstones showcased in the finest platinum, 18k or 14k yellow gold.
Classic Solitaire engagement ring and wedding band

Classic Wedding Bands

Blue Nile customers often request a classic wedding band—and while there are many timeless designs available, a common element is the absence of diamonds and a focus on a very simple, unadorned ring crafted in one of our most popular precious metals.
Yellow Gold Wedding Bands 
Yellow gold has a beautiful rich glow that makes it a time-honored classic choice for wedding rings. Plus, it's hypoallergenic and rust-, tarnish-, and corrosion-resistant. The two karatages differ slightly in color, durability and hardness. 14k yellow gold is slightly richer in color than 18k gold. It's also harder and a bit more resistant to scratching.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
Yellow Gold Wedding Bands
White Gold Wedding Bands 
Our customers love white gold for its platinum-like appearance at a lower cost. White gold achieves its signature silver-y brilliance and enhanced durability by mixing pure gold with nickel and silver, and then plating with rhodium. While this plating is long-wearing, some occasional replating may be required to restore the original color of your white gold wedding band.
White gold wedding band
Rose Gold Wedding Bands 
Rose gold wedding bands are a beautiful and unique choice, and their modern-vintage appeal is a growing trend. The romantic pink hue of rose gold is created by using a copper alloy. The preference of one karatage over another comes down to whether people want a lighter (18k) or slightly deeper (14k) rose color. While rose gold is more durable than yellow gold, it does have the potential to discolor skin or cause an allergic reaction, which is an important consideration.

Rose gold wedding band
Platinum Wedding Bands 
Referred to as a noble metal due to its superior ability to withstand corrosion and oxidation, platinum is a naturally white metal that develops a lovely patina over time that can be buffed back to a shine if desired. For many, platinum wedding rings perfectly symbolize enduring love.
Platinum Wedding Bands

Dot-dash diamond ring and engagement ring

Vintage-Inspired Wedding Bands


Love the look of a family heirloom? Or maybe, you're inspired by a ring worn by a celebrity in decades past? Whatever type of vintage wedding ring you admire, we have contemporary takes on old world charm, including styles with fancy-shaped diamonds and beautiful milgrain details.
Curved wedding band and engagement ring

Curved Wedding Bands 

This style of wedding band, or guard, features subtle curves that are designed to contour around an engagement ring in a complementary fashion. Our best selling designs are set with sparkling diamond pavé.  

Six styles of diamond and sapphire rings

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Love a bold pop of color or something unique? Then a wedding band with gemstones may be the perfect choice for you. Explore diamond and gemstone eternity bands, curved bands with hidden gemstone accents and an array of designs with fancy gemstone shapes.
Sapphire Wedding Bands 
Although sapphires are associated with their velvety-blue hue, they come in a rainbow of colors, including pink. In addition to their beauty, sapphire wedding bands are a popular choice because this gemstone's natural hardness makes it ideal for everyday wear. A traditional symbol of nobility, truth, and romance, the most prized sapphires have good transparency and vibrant depth of color.
Sapphire Wedding Bands
Ruby Wedding Bands 
A ruby is identical to a sapphire in every way but color. Both stones are the same mineral, corundum. What makes a ruby a ruby is its fiery crimson hue, associated with romance, devotion and vitality. Like sapphires, rubies are hard, and this strength makes it ideal for a wedding ring that you wear every day. 
Ruby Wedding Bands
Emerald Wedding Bands 
Emeralds have been prized for centuries around the world for their definitive green hue and their association with Venus, the goddess of love. A variety of beryl, truly flawless specimens of emerald are exceptionally rare. The finest quality emerald gemstones have lush, saturated color in the richest green.
Emerald Wedding Bands
Infinity twist wedding ring and engagement ring

Infinity Wedding Bands

Could there be a more perfect symbol for everlasting love? Designed with intertwining strands, infinity wedding bands are a popular style that incorporates the infinity sign to signify an infinite relationship. Many of Blue Nile's most popular styles feature diamond pavé.
Engagement ring with bands on either side

Stackable Wedding Bands

Creating your own personal wedding ring stack is a great way to go beyond the classic pairing of an engagement ring and wedding band. While one of the most popular combinations is a third band that bookends the engagement ring, you can also add multiple skinny bands for added bling, or consider a ring guard to create a stacked look.
Five-Stone Wedding Band

Five-Stone Wedding Band 

Five-stone wedding bands are a stunning way to celebrate your marriage with the perfect lineup of your favorite diamonds—and you'll see from some of the styles in our collection, that this is a great way to showcase fancy-shaped diamonds. While there's not a particular symbolism associated with five-stone rings, many of our customers do love them as a way to celebrate their fifth anniversary.