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Men's Engagement Rings

Explore our collection of engagement rings for men to find the shining symbol of your unique love story. We offer a leading variety of men’s engagement rings including solitaire diamond styles, channel-set bands and customized designs. With a wide range of sizes and designs to choose from, you’re sure to find the ring that showcases your commitment to one another.
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Men's Engagement Rings

FAQs about Men's Engagement Rings

Do men wear engagement rings?

Yes! Many men wear engagement rings as a symbol of commitment to their partner. Often, both partners in a relationship will opt to wear engagement rings. Some couples prefer to take a different route, with the proposing partner giving their loved one an engagement ring.

What does a man's engagement ring look like?

Men's engagement rings are available in a wide variety of designs to match any style. There are many men's engagement ring options to suit all budgets and tastes. Some of the most popular engagement rings for men include classic metal bands, textured bands and bands set with diamonds.

How much do men's engagement rings cost?

Prices for men’s engagement rings depend on factors such as materials and design complexity. Simple bands without gemstones will cost less than more detailed designs. Rings with larger gemstones, such as men’s diamond rings featuring a large center diamond, will cost more than designs without diamonds. At Blue Nile, we offer a wide selection of men’s engagement ring styles to match any budget. Today, there are more flexible schools of thought regarding how much to spend on an engagement ring. The best ring is one that fits your budget and matches the wearer’s style.

Who is supposed to buy the man’s engagement ring?

Typically, the proposing partner is the one that buys the engagement ring for their loved one. But today, many couples choose an approach that best fits them. Some men choose to purchase their own engagement rings.

Do men’s engagement rings have diamonds?

Some men’s engagement rings and wedding bands feature sparkling diamonds. We offer men’s diamond engagement rings with diamonds of various shapes and sizes. Browse our wide selection of diamond rings for men to find the perfect sparkler that matches his style.

Should a man wear an engagement ring or wedding band?

There is no set rule on whether a man should wear an engagement ring, a wedding band or both. As with all jewelry, these rings are wonderfully symbolic and personal to the wearer. Some men will alternate between wearing their engagement ring or wedding band depending on the situation. For more formal events, they may choose to wear their more ornate engagement ring.Depending on the design, a man’s engagement ring can also serve as his wedding band. Men’s wedding rings typically come in thicker bands that may not be ideal for stacking. If the wearer is looking to stack men’s rings, thinner bands are typically the best choice. If the wearer is considering both engagement and wedding styles with thicker bands, they may opt to wear one ring on their right hand and the other on their left – it's all about whichever style suits the wearer.Men’s engagement rings are meant to represent the connection between two partners. Wearing an engagement ring, a wedding band or both rings is a personal choice that should encompass a man’s individual style and the symbolism of his relationship.

What metals are available for men’s engagement rings?

Our male engagement rings come in platinum, white gold and yellow gold. These metals are suitable for daily wear.

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