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Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear-shaped engagement rings, also known as teardrop rings, are a sparkling choice. Choose from our extensive selection of pear-shaped diamond rings including styles in white gold, yellow gold, platinum and rose gold. Pear cut engagement rings feature a diamond that reflects light in spectacular fashion through a multitude of facets.
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Pear Cut Engagement Rings

FAQs about Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Are pear-shaped diamond rings popular?

Fancy-cut diamonds account for only 25% of all engagement rings sold at Blue Nile, and pear-shaped diamonds account for only a portion of that. This makes pear-shaped diamond engagement rings stand out from the crowd. Teardrop engagement rings are also a wonderful choice for affordable ring styles. Fancy-cut stones, such as pear diamonds, can be less expensive by carat weight than other more traditional cuts.

How are you supposed to wear a teardrop engagement ring?

A pear-shaped diamond ring is typically worn with the point aimed towards the fingertip and the round portion aimed at the palm, but the ring can be worn however the wearer prefers.

Are pear engagement rings more expensive?

Pear diamonds are one of the nine fancy-cut shapes. Fancy-cut diamonds are up to 25% less expensive than round, brilliant-cut diamonds of the same carat weight and quality. This makes pear rings an affordable option that brings incredible sparkle.

Are all pear cut diamonds the same shape?

Each diamond is unique, and pear-shaped diamond rings are no different. These stones are cut to maximize their best features, so no two stones are exactly alike. The length and width of the pear shape will vary from one stone to another. Check the diamond length-to-width ratio to determine if it will be short and wide or long and slender.

Which carat sizes are best for pear engagement rings?

The unique shape of pear cut engagement rings can make a smaller carat weight look larger than the same weight in other stone types. Pear diamonds have a larger table and an elongated crown compared to round brilliant diamonds This makes pear-shaped rings appear larger than many other cuts which allows all sizes to shine. Our most popular pear-shaped diamond sizes for teardrop engagement rings range from 0.5 to 1.5 carats, though we offer these contemporary stones in many sizes both below and beyond this range.

What setting is best for pear rings?

There is no singular setting that’s the best fit for pear cut diamond rings. The unique teardrop shape shines in a variety of setting types and metals such as white gold, platinum, yellow gold and rose gold. Pear-shaped engagement rings are available in many different setting types including solitaire, halo, milgrain, micropavé, diamond accent, three-stone, two-tone and split shank pear rings. Pear cut engagement rings can be set with the main stone in either north-south or east-west orientation. A stone that is set north-south is the more traditional style and provides greater coverage on the finger. Setting the pear ring’s main stone in an east-west orientation is an emerging style for unique pear-shaped engagement rings. With so many settings to choose from, the best choice is the setting that matches the wearer’s personal style.

Are pear-shaped diamond rings more expensive than round?

Generally speaking, pear-shaped diamond rings are less expensive than round engagement rings.

Do pear cut diamond rings look bigger?

The elongated shape of pear cut engagement rings can make the ring look bigger. When set north-south, pear-shaped diamonds have greater coverage on the wearer’s finger. The larger surface area of pear diamond will make it look larger than other diamonds of the same weight.

What bands go well with pear rings?

Teardrop engagement rings match perfectly with many types of wedding rings. The unique stone shape is complemented by simple rings, eternity wedding bands and many other styles. For no gap between the pear ring and the wedding band, opt for matching sets or curved wedding rings.

Is color or clarity more important in a pear-shaped engagement ring?

When it comes to the 4Cs, color is one of the most important considerations for a pear cut diamond ring. Pear-shaped diamonds are excellent at hiding many imperfections, but they can display more color than other diamond types. It’s typically a good start to focus on a pear-shaped ring that’s colorless, near colorless or has an intentional fancy color.

Do pear-shaped engagement rings sparkle?

Yes, pear-shaped diamond rings deliver incredible sparkle. They are faceted for brilliance that shines from all angels.

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