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Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Made For Your Moment

Discover ethical, affordable and endlessly brilliant lab created diamond jewelry. Shine in a lab diamond necklace, dazzle in lab created diamond earrings, enchant with a brilliant bracelet or 
turn heads with a lab diamond ring. Find your new favorite

jewelry piece today.

Ready-to-Ship Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

Lab created diamonds have the same optical, chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. However, because lab grown diamonds can be produced in abundance, they are less expensive and make larger size diamonds more affordable. Their relative abundance may not ensure that the value will hold over time. Still, these brilliant diamonds are a popular choice for jewelry celebrating life’s biggest moments. Find your sparkle today.
Lab Grown Diamonds

Sparkle, Down to a Science

Our lab grown diamonds are chemically identical to our natural offerings, just produced differently. 

Jewelry With Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are brilliant additions to any jewelry style. 
Choose from a variety of shapes that are made for your love.

There’s more shapes and sizes to choose from.

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lab grown diamonds

Independently Graded

We proudly have all of your lab grown diamonds graded by the independent experts at GIA. Each one comes with its own grading sheet for your reference. 

Quality Comes First

Our lab grown diamonds are backed by the same standards, expertise and legendary customer service that you’ve come to expect from all Blue Nile jewelry. Your moment matters to us.

Top Questions and Answers About Lab Diamond Jewelry

What kind of jewelry has lab diamonds?

Many fine jewelry styles are available with lab diamonds. Choose from necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets all featuring lab grown diamonds.

Is this jewelry graded?

We offer GIA grading for larger and loose lab grown diamonds, making it easy to choose high-quality lab grown diamond jewelry. 

Why choose lab diamond jewelry?

These pieces are popular for making the most of any budget. Jewelry with lab made diamonds is just as durable and beautiful as designs made with natural gems.

Can someone tell if my jewelry has lab diamonds in it?

Because lab diamonds are chemically and optically identical to natural ones, it is virtually impossible to tell if a piece of jewelry has lab diamonds. Expert jewelers may be able to tell the difference with specialized equipment.

What styles are available?

Choose from modern eternity rings, tennis bracelets, necklaces and large diamond stud earrings, all made with affordable lab grown diamonds.

Is lab created diamond jewelry worth it?

Jewelry is a personal decision that should match your given budget and style. Many people find the affordability and ethical components of lab diamonds excellent reasons to purchase jewelry with these gems. 

Our natural diamonds are also an ethical choice, due to our commitment to offering only conflict-free diamonds.

How can I buy good-quality lab diamond jewelry?

When buying jewelry made with lab diamonds, it’s best to choose jewelers you can trust. We offer lab diamond jewelry made with high-quality materials and expert construction for heirloom-quality pieces. For lab diamond jewelry that can last lifetimes, it’s best to choose designs in gold or platinum.

Does lab diamond jewelry make a good gift?

From anniversary gifts to engagement rings, graduations and everything in between, lab grown diamond jewelry is a timeless gift. Yes, lab diamond jewelry is the perfect gift for any celebration.

How do you clean jewelry with lab diamonds?

Because lab diamonds are actual diamonds, jewelry with these gems is easy to clean. You can clean your lab diamond jewelry with a specialized cleaning solution, an ultrasonic cleaner, steam cleaning or with a simple mixture of detergent-free soap and warm water.