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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Elevate your romance with the lovely pink hue of rose gold engagement rings. Rose gold and yellow gold both contain gold, copper, and silver, but more copper alloy and less silver is added to rose gold to achieve the rosy tone. The modern look of rose gold provides a fun backdrop for a fancy-shape diamond. Buy rose gold engagement rings at Blue Nile, and customize every aspect of the design.
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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

FAQs about Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Is rose gold a popular choice for engagement rings?

White gold, yellow gold, and platinum are more popular choices for engagement rings, but that's what makes rose gold so much fun. Rose gold exudes a vintage look and has seen a resurgence in popularity. 14k gold and 18k gold have different characteristics. 14k gold contains 14 parts of pure gold mixed with 10 parts of other metals, while 18k gold consists of 18 parts of pure gold mixed with six parts of other metals. Of the two choices, 14k gold is less expensive and a little more durable.

What gives rose gold its pink color?

When you buy rose gold jewelry, you get the same amount of pure gold you'd get with yellow gold or white gold, but it's combined with a copper alloy, which provides that unique, rosy look.

Is rose gold more expensive than yellow gold?

Because the same amount of pure gold is in both yellow gold and rose gold, they cost the same amount.

Are rose gold engagement rings more durable than yellow gold engagement rings?

Copper alloy is added to yellow gold to create rose gold, and it also strengthens the gold, making it a more durable, tarnish-free option than a yellow gold engagement ring.

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