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A pair of April birthstone huggie earrings accented with round diamond pavé

April Birthstone: Diamond

The diamond is a treasured gemstone prized for its rarity and brilliance. It has adorned royalty for centuries and has long been viewed and gifted as a symbol of love. Those lucky enough to be born in April also get to claim this adored gemstone as their birthstone. The popularity of diamonds makes them a versatile gemstone available in many different types of jewelry.

The Eternal Stone

Just as every gemstone holds special meaning, diamonds were historically believed to promote healing and ward off evil spirits. They were first mined in India and have been worn by Indian royalty since the fourth century BC.
An April birthstone diamond tennis bracelet of 64 round diamonds totalling 2 carats set in white gold

What is April’s Birthstone?

Diamond is the birthstone for April, bringing sparkling beauty to its wearers. People born in April wear diamond jewelry for good luck and this shining gem often finds its way into wedding jewelry as well. Diamonds may be the April gemstone, but everyone can wear diamonds. 

Diamond's Birthstone History

Diamond jewelry became fashionable among wealthy Europeans during the 15th century, but it wasn't until the 16th century that people began wearing it as their birthstone. Traditionally, both diamonds and sapphires were used as April birthstones. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers created the official list of birthstones and chose diamond as the sole gem for April. 

An Emblem of Love and Commitment

Birthstone meaning is often tied to a gemstone's physical properties. As the hardest substance found on earth, diamonds are fittingly associated with strength and longevity. The word "diamond" actually comes from the Greek word "adamas" for "unbreakable." Their everlasting nature is also used to symbolize undying love and passion. In addition to their durability, diamonds are known for their incredible transparency, which evokes a sense of clarity, purity and commitment. They are also worn to boost confidence and courage. 

Ancient Diamond Uses

April’s gemstone has been valued for centuries, with Romans in the first century AD honoring this stone’s precious qualities. Since its initial discovery, the diamond has been revered for its beautiful and unbreakable jewelry qualities. Initially, diamonds were worn by royalty as a symbol of power and status. In the Middle Ages, diamonds were believed to have healing powers. 13th-century writings suggested that wearing diamonds, specifically on the left side of one’s body, could provide protection from madness and venom. As more diamond deposits were discovered globally over the centuries, these stones became more accessible though they’re still as valued as ever. Today, diamonds are worn by royalty and everyday people who value the gem’s beauty. Diamonds can also be worn as the birthstone for April. 


Diamond’s April Gemstone Connections

The tradition of birthstones is often tied to zodiac calendars, and the temperament of people born in April is often associated with the diamond’s strength. Diamond is the hardest material on earth, which makes it the perfect birthstone for strong Aries and Taurus signs born in this springtime month. These signs are known for their assertiveness and strength, making the diamond their perfect birthstone. 

Diamond Birthstone Symbolism

Most commonly associated with engagement and wedding rings, April’s birthstone is revered as the gem of love. The durability of April’s stone also links it to symbols of power, health and strength. 

April Gemstone’s Color Meaning

Diamond birthstones are the most colorless of the birthstones, providing clarity to their wearers. There are also fancy colored diamonds available, though the April birthstone diamond jewelry typically focuses on the more colorless hues of these gemstones. 

How to Wear April’s Gemstone

Many people choose to wear diamonds in everyday jewelry including necklaces, fashion rings, earrings and bracelets. This versatile birthstone for April is incredibly durable, making it the perfect gem to wear daily. Diamonds are typically set in precious metals such as platinum, yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Gifting Inspiration for the April Birthstone

Diamonds make beautiful and thoughtful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and religious occasions. They are popularly used in engagement and wedding rings to symbolize eternal love. Diamond necklaces, bracelets and earrings make cherished gifts as well.


The very first diamond engagement ring was given in 1477 from Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy. Keep the tradition alive with a diamond ring in either a classic or modern style—whichever suits your significant other best. Choose a platinum, yellow gold, white gold or rose gold setting to display the diamond's timeless sparkle.
A brilliant round-cut diamond engagement ring with knife-edge platinum band


Diamond necklaces come in a selection of styles to suit any personality. A solitaire pendant offers effortless elegance, while an eternity necklace provides a bold and breathtaking showcase for the April birthstone. A diamond heart or cross necklace may be just right for the occasion as well.
An April birthstone pendant of 1 carat diamond solitaire suspended from a double bail white gold setting


Diamond earrings are always a gift that mom is sure to love, encouraging her to add some sparkle to her day. A variety of different designs, from refined round studs to glistening statement earrings, make it easy to find the perfect present for her birthday or Mother's Day.
A pair of birthstone diamond stud earrings with round brilliant-cut diamonds set with yellow gold posts


From graduations to wedding anniversaries, diamond bracelets are a wonderful way to mark a milestone. Select from classic, modern and tennis bracelets with a line of shimmering diamonds set in platinum or gold.
A birthstone bracelet of mini bezel-set pear shaped diamond resting horizontally on a rose gold chain

Keep Your Diamond Jewelry Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

• The unsurpassed hardness and durability of diamonds make them suitable for everyday wear, whether as a 
   ring or bracelet. 

• When you’re not wearing it, keep your diamond jewelry in a felt-lined jewelry box. 

• Diamond birthstone jewelry should be regularly cleaned with warm water, mild soap and a soft brush to help    retain its glamorous glitter. 

• We also offer free cleaning and repair services to keep your beloved pieces in excellent shape over time.

Buying an April Birthstone

We invite you to explore our diamond buying guide for tips on purchasing the perfect April gemstone. As a good rule of thumb, you should always focus on purchasing the best diamond cut that you can. The cut will determine how large a diamond appears and how brilliant it is.

Learn More About Gemstones

The everlasting diamond will always be a favorite choice for fine jewelry. If you are also interested in jewelry options with colored gemstones, then you can learn about other gemstones in our comprehensive guide.

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