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Gold Rings

Fashionable gold rings bring instant style to any look. Choose from men’s and women’s gold rings in yellow, rose or white gold. Treat yourself to stackable 14k gold rings or give the gift of a gold signet ring. Shine in a plain gold design or choose a real gold ring with added embellishments. From fashion rings to timeless yellow gold bands, our gold rings for women and men are crafted to last.
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Gold Rings

FAQs about Gold Rings

What kind of gold rings are in style?

The most fashionable gold rings depend on the occasion. If you are looking for engagement rings, then the designs in style today are diamond white gold rings with embellishments like pavé diamond accents and an elegant twisted band. Classic, simple metal men's gold rings are always a top choice for a wedding band, while women's wedding rings often feature additional diamond details.

Gold rings aren’t just for marking a marriage or commitment. Popular, stylish real gold rings are available in a variety of fashion-forward designs fit for everyday occasions. Treat yourself or a loved one to a stylish 14k gold signet ring, cocktail ring or stacking rings.  

How many karats should my gold ring be?

We carry 14k and 18k gold rings for women and men in a variety of styles, and both have their own unique appeal. 18k gold rings are 75% pure, giving them a luxurious feel and a higher value but slightly less durability. 14k gold rings are 58.3% pure gold, which provides fantastic wearability at a more affordable price. Your choice should depend on your budget and your lifestyle. For the best balance of value and durability, 14k gold rings are the top choice.

How many gold rings should women wear?

Women should feel free to wear as many gold rings as suits their style and personality. Real gold rings for women and men make the perfect accessory for any outfit. Choose a standalone ring to pair with a gold necklace or take a more is more approach by stacking multiple gold rings together. Visit our ring stacking guide to learn more about pairing a gold ring with additional styles for a cohesive look.

What color gold is the most popular for rings?

Gold rings are available in yellow, white and rose gold. Some gold rings for women are also available in tri-color or multicolor gold options. Yellow gold has historically been a popular style but additional colors such as white and rose gold are increasingly popular.

How can I tell if my ring is real gold?

The best technique for how to tell if a ring is real gold is to buy from jewelers you trust. An authentic gold ring will have a K stamp somewhere on the band to indicate its karat value. Many white, rose and yellow gold rings also contain diamonds or gemstones. If your ring has synthetic gems, it may not be made of solid gold.

Real gold rings are available in karat gold rather than plating or vermeil over other base metals. Real gold rings are constructed from a combination of gold and additional alloys that help strengthen the jewelry. Some designs, such as 14k or 18k white gold rings, have additional precious metal plating.

The karat number on your gold ring will indicate how much gold is in the ring, with 14k and 18k as some of the most popular options for gold rings. Real gold rings will have a stamp on the inside band indicating the ring’s gold karat. Typically, the stamp will be 10k, 14k or 18k gold though other karat options can also be found.

Some jewelry stores offer gold vermeil rings, but these rings are not real gold. They do not offer the same durability or look as real 18k and 14k gold rings.

How much does a real gold ring cost?

We offer a variety of white, rose and gold rings for sale to match many different budgets. Simple yellow gold bands start at around $160 while more complex gold cocktail rings can cost thousands. Rings with complex designs and precious stones such as diamonds or gemstones will cost more than plain bands.

A delicate 14k rose gold ring will cost less than a thick 18k white gold ring due to the gold content differences between the two.

Is a 14k gold ring pure gold?

No, 14k gold is not pure gold. It is considered the gold standard in rings, though. Pure gold is exceptionally malleable which makes pure gold less favorable for jewelry. Jewelers blend gold with other alloys to help strengthen it, making 14k gold rings an excellent choice.

Though they are not pure gold, 18k and 14k gold rings are real gold rings. They are the standard of high-quality, durable jewelry.

Which gold is best for rings?

14 and 18 karat gold are considered the best options for affordable gold rings. 14 and 18k gold rings provide a beautiful hue while maintaining durability for daily wear.

Can 14k and 18k gold rings get wet?

Yes, 14k and 18k gold rings can get wet without being damaged. There’s no need to remove gold rings when washing your hands. People in search of waterproof jewelry can choose real gold rings for the perfect fit.

How much is a 14k gold ring worth?

The value of a gold ring will depend on many factors such as its design, gold weight and any diamonds or gemstones it may have.

Who sells real gold rings?

At Blue Nile, we are proud to offer a wide selection of real gold rings in 18k or 14k designs. Our rings are crafted from real gold and feature designs for every budget.

Are gold rings durable?

Yes, real gold rings are exceptionally durable. With proper jewelry upkeep, these rings can last lifetimes.

What should I look for when buying gold rings for women?

It's important to buy women’s and men’s gold rings from jewelry stores you trust. Consider the design of the ring and any gemstones that it contains. Look for rings with detailed photos and descriptions.

Do these rings make good gifts?

Yes, gold rings make excellent gifts. Adorn a loved one’s hand with a stylish gold ring for a graduation gift, anniversary gift or a present for any other occasion. With fashionable styles such as signet rings, gold bands, stacking rings and cocktail rings, this jewelry is an excellent gift.

How do I clean gold rings?

You can restore the shine of your gold ring with a jewelry polishing cloth or by cleaning it in a solution of gentle dish soap and water.

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