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Unique Engagement Rings

When you're looking for something extra special, shop our selection of unique engagement rings. These out-of-the-box designs take classic components and give them a clever twist, making them one-of-a-kind treasures that last a lifetime. Explore unique engagement ring settings, gemstone rings and handmade details that set these rings apart.
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Unique Engagement Rings

FAQs about Unique Engagement Rings

What makes an engagement ring unique?

A unique engagement ring, also known as a non-traditional engagement ring, is one that marches to the beat of its own drum with the perfect amount of personality. These are rings that often feature unexpected elements such as twisted bands, two tone metals and alternative stones like gemstone engagement rings. They're a departure from classic engagement rings and often include non-traditional elements or designs. Rings with east-west set stones, split shanks or gemstone halos are also beautiful options for unique engagement rings.

Which metal should I choose for my engagement ring?

The metal you choose for an engagement ring is all about personal preference. Yellow gold engagement rings provide a traditional look that pairs beautifully with faint-color diamonds. White gold and platinum engagement rings enhance the icy tone of near-colorless or colorless diamonds. When you're looking for something especially romantic or well suited with a vintage-inspired design, rose gold makes a unique choice, as well. Platinum, as always, is the premier metal choice for an engagement ring, since it’s extremely durable, delightfully hefty, and develops a gorgeous patina as it ages.

Do unique engagement rings offer matching wedding bands?

Many of the unique engagement rings sold at Blue Nile are specifically designed to work with a matching wedding band, making your shopping experience easier.

Are unique-style engagement rings more expensive than solitaire engagement rings?

Not necessarily. In a solitaire engagement ring, the center stone is the focal point, and many people choose a higher carat weight and quality. Unique wedding rings offer additional style features that can make the center stone look bigger or clearer.

Are unique engagement rings custom?

Unique engagement rings can be bespoke or selected from existing designs. We offer a wide selection of unique engagement ring settings along with custom engagement rings that make the perfect unique ring.

Do non-traditional engagement rings come with diamond designs?

Yes, unique diamond rings are an option for those taking the non-traditional route. While diamonds are a traditional stone for engagement rings, incorporating less traditional elements such as two tone metals, twisted bands or filigree detailing can make the ring more unique.

Which styles are most popular for unique rings?

Unique rings are incredibly varied and often custom. Popular styles include alternative center stones, twisted bands and two tone engagement rings.

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