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Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Treat her to the brilliance and the unique allure of a radiant-cut engagement ring. This diamond features a brilliant cut pattern along the crown and pavilion that results in 70 facets for ultimate light reflection. Shop the entire selection of radiant-shaped engagement rings available at Blue Nile to create a custom design that will be loved for a lifetime.
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Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

FAQs about Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

What is a radiant-cut diamond engagement ring?

Radiant-shaped engagement rings feature a center diamond with a brilliant, 70-facet pattern for captivating reflection of light.

Is a radiant cut engagement ring price more than a round-cut engagement ring?

As with most fancy-cut diamonds, radiant engagement rings can cost up to 25% less than a round engagement ring with a center stone of equal carat weight and quality.

What's the difference between a radiant-cut and a cushion-cut diamond?

Both radiant-cut diamonds and cushion-cut diamonds offer a square shape. They differ in their cut patterns. Radiant diamonds are a combination of a faceted pavilion and a geometric table, and they have 45-degree corners. Cushion cuts are a modified brilliant cut with rounded corners.

What are the best setting choices for radiant-shaped diamond engagement rings?

A radiant-cut is a versatile look that is ideal for a variety of different settings, but a setting with baguette or round sidestones provides a sparkling look.

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