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Men's White Gold Wedding Rings

Represent your eternal love with a white gold wedding band for men that symbolizes continuous, meaningful dedication. Men's white gold bands can be as simple or intricate as you prefer, styled as solid polished rings, or diamond-accented pieces with engravable interiors.
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Men's White Gold Wedding Rings

FAQs about Men's White Gold Wedding Rings

Is 14K white gold real?

White gold is real gold. In fact, it is mostly gold with the addition of some other white metals that not only change the color of yellow gold, but make it much more durable. All of of our white gold pieces are authentic.

What is better white gold or platinum?

White gold and platinum are both excellent choices for wedding bands as they are both highly durable. White gold can need replating from time to time, but is generally more budget-friendly. Platinum, on the other hand, requires polishing periodically, and is generally more expensive.

Can white gold tarnish?

White gold does not tarnish. What can happen is the Rhodium plating wearing off white gold over time, causing this metal to lose its bright appearance. The Rhodium is what turns the white gold from warm to white, and when this wears off, the white gold becomes off-white. You can either embrace the new tone, or get the ring re-plated to restore the pure white look.

How long will a white gold ring last?

With proper care, white gold rings will last through generations. While you may need to get the ring redipped, the band itself will be highly durable, and able to stand up to decades of daily wear.

Do white gold rings scratch?

Over years of daily wear, white gold rings can scratch, but not easily. If you have a white gold wedding band, a jeweler can often polish out the scratches for you. Another option is to opt for 14k white gold instead of 18k white gold. 14k white gold has a lower gold content, and higher portion of other metals, which makes it more durable than its 18k counterpart.

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