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A February birthstone pendant of teardrop-shaped amethyst surrounded in a white topaz halo of twinkling hanging from a coordinating cable chain

February Birthstone: Amethyst

Deep and mysterious, the February birthstone, amethyst, bestows a majestic and regal elegance upon its wearers. A favorite among royals and religious figures, the amethyst’s rare beauty and mesmerizing blend of violet and red hues has been prized for centuries. Dive deeper into this beguiling gemstone to uncover the hidden treasures of its sparkling history. Learn about amethyst birthstone meanings and find the perfect gemstone jewelry.

A Mystic Fascination

A beginning of amethyst fascination originates in ancient Greece. The name, amethyst, traces its origins to the Greek word, amethystos, which means “cure for drunkenness.” This, in addition to its grape-like purple color, explains its association to the Greek wine god Bacchus.
A February birthstone necklace of round, teardrop, and marquise amethyst, bezel-set in a cluster formation hanging from coordinating sterling silver chain

Amethyst's Birthstone History

Appearing as the February birthstone in both modern and traditional lists, amethyst exudes an exquisite air of mystic allure and luxury. Ancient Egyptians donned amethyst amulets to enhance prayer and safeguard against harm. Believing it would increase focus and aid in their safety, medieval soldiers also wore the amethyst gemstone as they prepared for battle. Beloved among the nobility and regal, amethyst gemstones have been featured in the British crown jewels and were a favorite of Catherine the Great of Russia. 

A Symbol of Spirituality and 


Every gemstone has special meaning. Amethyst is a meditative stone rich in metaphysical properties. Many believe it helps awaken inner creativity and evoke inspiration. According to mystical legend, the February birthstone is a token of defense against dark thoughts, eliciting intellect and wit in its wearer. Associated with peace, balance, and courage, many believed that amethysts served as a remedy for insomnia, also alleviating pain. Today, Buddhists commonly use amethysts in Tibetan prayer to elevate spiritual practices. 

Amethyst Birthstone's Connection to February

The two zodiac signs for February, Aquarius and Pisces, have ties to the amethyst’s symbolism. The quick-thinking Aquarius connects to the purple gemstone’s associations to wit and intelligence. Pisces, a sign linked to emotional sensitivity, can draw protection from the amethyst. 

February Birthstone Meaning

Throughout history, the amethyst gemstone has had many meanings and symbolism. Ancient Greeks associated this wine-colored gem with Bacchus. It was believed that wearing amethysts could increase wit and help the wearer maintain sobriety. Today, February’s birthstone is believed to symbolize purity of spirit and protection. As the February gemstone, amethyst brings an additional meaning of strength and self-reliance.

Gifting Inspiration for the February Birthstone

Blue Nile’s range of striking amethyst jewelry makes a special gift for someone, or even for adorning yourself!


Though not traditionally associated with marriage, an amethyst engagement ring is a gorgeous alternative to a more traditional diamond and also the gemstone to celebrate a sixth wedding anniversary. 

Captivate your sweetheart with a shimmering amethyst gemstone studded with diamonds. A sleek amethyst solitaire on a delicate sterling silver band, or cushion-cut surrounded by sparkling pavé diamonds makes for an exquisite symbol of your affection.
An amethyst engagement ring featuring non-traditional twisted halo design with diamond details set in rose gold


Make any birthday meaningful and enhance that special someone’s style with the gift of an alluring amethyst ring. A modern statement for the right hand, a February birthstone ring flanked by gemstones is a stunning addition to any outfit. For a contemporary flair to the look, choose a pair of chic, emerald cut amethyst stud earrings. Bold and beautiful, amethyst earrings set in sterling silver or gold are a sophisticated way to elevate anyone’s jewelry collection.
A pair of February birthstone earrings in a cathedral style emerald-cut amethysts layered with trillion shaped tanzanite gemstones separated by three diamonds set in rose gold


With its resplendent lavender and violet hues, the amethyst gemstone exudes elegance and femininity. A dazzling option for Mother’s Day or her birthday, a pendant necklace personalized with her February birthstone is a gift she will treasure. An amethyst pendant necklace, in round, oval, or pear shapes will be the ideal accent to her style.
A birthstone pendant of oval-cut amethyst gemstone accented with diamond pavé through out the yellow gold setting and bail


Make life’s special occasions even more magical with the gift of enchanting amethyst jewelry. A luminous amethyst bracelet embellished with silver rope detail or signet ering customized with your child’s February birthstone makes a thoughtful graduation gift.
A birthstone bracelet of round amethyst gemstones rimmed with sterling silver rope detail

Keep Your Amethyst Jewelry Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

• Amethyst is durable enough for daily wear, featuring a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale. 
   Still, it is important that you properly care for your amethyst jewelry, to protect against scratches and ensure it    retains its radiance for years to come. 

• To keep your amethyst jewelry in pristine condition, use mild soap and water on a soft brush to gently clean.    Avoid excessive heat and exposure to intense light. 

• We are happy to offer complimentary cleaning and repair services with your purchase. 
   Learn more on how to care for gemstone jewelry in our guide.

Buying Tips

When buying February birthstone jewelry, consider which hues of purple amethyst best fit your budget. Lighter shades of this February gemstone will be priced lower than deeper hues. All shades of amethyst are valued for their beautiful color and unique properties.

Learn More About Gemstones

Amethyst jewelry’s exquisite style will last a lifetime, and with our selection of the finest pieces, you’re sure to find something you’ll love. Learn about our other gemstone jewelry options in our comprehensive gemstone guide.

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