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Bangle Bracelets

Stackable and showstopping, bangle bracelets add shining style to any jewelry collection. Layer several bangles in precious metals like platinum, silver and gold for an edgy look that offers a lively contrast, or stick to one sleek diamond bangle bracelet for undeniable style.
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Bangle Bracelet

FAQs about Bangle Bracelets

What is the difference between a bangle and a bracelet?

Non-bangle bracelets are typically flexible and contain clasps or hinges. Bangles, on the other hand, are unique bracelets that hold their shape and do not adapt to the shape of your arm. Both bangles and traditional bracelets can be constructed from precious metals with optional gemstones or other intricate designs.

How do you wear a bangle bracelet?

Bangle bracelets, much like stackable rings, are a customizable jewelry option. Simple bangle bracelets look lovely when multiples are paired together, and bejewelled bangles are sensational when worn solo. You can wear diamond bangle bracelets any way you choose—for a mid-week mood boost or a dreamy destination wedding.

What kind of bangle bracelets are popular?

Stackable bangle bracelets are very on-trend, with mixing rose gold, silver and gold metals at the forefront of fashion. Other popular styles include open-ended bangles decorated with diamonds or pearls, or wearing multiple platinum bands on top of one another.

What are bangle bracelets?

A bangle is a type of bracelet that has a stiff structure designed to retain its shape. Bangle bracelets are larger circles that slide over the hand and can be stacked with other bracelets to create a multidimensional look or worn alone as a statement piece.

Is this bracelet style popular?

Platinum, gold and silver bangle bracelets have been popular among many different cultures over the years. In the United States, 14k gold bangle bracelets saw a height of popularity in the 1980s that has returned today. This bracelet style is still considered timeless, with a staying power that makes it the perfect jewelry staple for any collection.

What designs are available?

You can choose from platinum, silver, rose gold, yellow gold or white gold bangle bracelets to match any style. While plain precious metal designs are popular choices, gemstones and diamonds are also available. Wear a classic gold bangle for an everyday look or opt for a bangle bracelet that has been adorned with gemstones such as diamonds, pearls or sapphires. We also offer unique shapes for bangle bracelets including twist, chevron or hammered styles.

Do bangles have clasps or hinges?

Most bangle bracelets do not have any clasps or hinges. Instead, they are a continuous unbroken circle that is worn by pushing the hand through the bracelet. Some designs with a tighter fit may incorporate hinges and clasps for an opening mechanism for taking the jewelry on and off.

Can you give a bangle bracelet as a gift?

Bangle bracelets for women are the perfect gift for any occasion.

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