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The eternal brilliance of a dazzling diamond necklace is unmatched. Explore ethical diamond necklace pendants, tennis necklaces, three-stone designs and bezel-set styles all set in precious metals. Eternally classic, a diamond necklace is the perfect accessory for any occasion. Give one of our handcrafted diamond necklaces as a memorable gift or choose a necklace with diamonds for your own jewelry collection.

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Tips for Buying Diamond Necklaces

Whether you’re shopping for solitaire diamond pendant necklaces, intricate diamond chains or styles in between, there’s a lot to know about these jewelry pieces. Explore our necklace guide to get expert tips and details about this classic jewelry staple. It’s also best to learn about diamond certifications and the 4Cs to understand the unique beauty of men’s and women’s diamond necklaces. 
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Top Questions and Answers About Diamond Necklaces

How much does a real diamond necklace cost?

While the price of a diamond necklace can range from a few hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can find a gorgeous diamond necklace at any price point. A shimmering, single-diamond solitaire necklace is an affordable and beautiful piece of diamond jewelry, while an intricately adorned, diamond-encrusted eternity necklace will cost more.

The type of precious metal will also impact the cost of men’s and women’s diamond necklaces. A platinum custom pendant with diamonds will cost more than a similar design in white gold due to platinum’s higher value.

How much is a 1 carat diamond necklace worth?

The value of a one carat diamond necklace is largely based on the stone itself. Diamonds are valued based on the 4Cs. The greater the clarity, cut, color and carat of the diamond, the higher the value of the necklace. Higher quality 1 carat diamond necklaces, for example, can fetch upwards of eight thousand dollars. 

The metal used in a piece of jewelry also impacts its price. A platinum bezel set diamond necklace will fetch a higher price than a white gold diamond necklace with a single pendant. Additionally, pendants and tennis necklaces with lab made diamonds will have lower prices than designs with natural ones.  

What is the best chain for a diamond pendant?

A sturdy chain is your best bet for a diamond pendant—but that doesn't mean it has to be big and heavy. Cable chains are a popular choice for their solid construction and delicate appearance, and they're simple to repair if they break, increasing their longevity.

How do you layer diamond necklaces?

There are many ways to layer this jewelry depending on the type of necklace you choose. Diamond pendants are often layered with simple precious metal chains for a textured look. If you’re layering diamond chains, consider mixing and matching with other diamond pendant necklaces or even lockets. There are no concrete rules for layering necklaces and you should create a layered look that best fits your personal style.

What should I look for when buying this kind of jewelry?

Whether you’re buying a simple diamond necklace with a solitaire pendant or you’re purchasing a tennis eternity style with many gemstones, there are key features to keep in mind when shopping for a diamond necklace. You’ll want to understand the quality of your diamonds, especially their certifications and ratings. You should also make sure the gemstones are set in sturdy metals with secure clasps. 

Purchase from jewelers you can trust and review the diamonds of the piece you’re buying. Larger gemstones should always come with certifications regarding their quality. We offer transparent information regarding our diamond necklaces including the gemstone quality for a worry-free shopping experience. Not all diamond certifications are created equal, and when comparing IGI vs GIA, diamond necklaces with GIA certifications always have the most reliable information.  

What are the metal options for diamond necklaces?

You can choose from platinum, rose gold, yellow gold or white gold diamond necklaces.

Are men’s and women’s diamond necklaces worth it?

Whether you’re purchasing pendant, eternity, bar or floating diamond styles, these necklaces offer lasting value and incredible sparkle. If you’re looking for a piece that can be worn daily with lasting shine and timeless brilliance, men’s and women’s diamond necklaces are a wonderful choice.

What do men’s styles look like?

Men’s diamond necklaces typically feature thicker chains and larger pendants. These styles also include diamond chains, with eternity and tennis styles that can be worn on their own or as part of a stacked look.

What sizes are available?

Our chain lengths for necklaces with diamonds range from 16” to over 36”. In terms of gemstone sizes, the pieces vary depending on the necklace type and custom options. Many people opt for 1 carat diamond necklaces in solitaire styles, but larger and smaller sizes are also available. Necklaces with multiple diamonds often feature pavé or smaller stones set in a specific shape or style.

How can I tell the diamonds in a necklace are real?

Real diamonds will have an innate brilliance that shows sparkle in many types of lighting. The best way to ensure you’re purchasing real diamonds is to buy your necklace from a reputable jeweler.

Are lab grown diamond necklaces available?

Yes, we have many options for lab grown styles in diamond necklaces, including colored diamonds that are surprisingly affordable. Explore our lab grown diamond jewelry to find the perfect diamond pendant necklace, tennis style or custom design with brilliant gems.

Do diamond chains and pendants make good gifts?

Timeless sparkle makes this jewelry the perfect gift for any occasion. Platinum, yellow gold, rose gold and white gold diamond necklaces are excellent gifts. Celebrate an anniversary with a diamond necklace, honor a graduation with a timeless diamond pendant, give mom a bezel-set diamond chain necklace this Mother’s Day or treat your loved one to a sparkling diamond cross necklace just because.

What is carat total weight?

Necklaces featuring pavé or smaller diamonds often represent their carat weight in carat total weight. This is represented by CT TW designations and it refers to the total carat weight of all the diamonds in a necklace rather than a single diamond's weight.

Are necklaces with diamonds popular?

Yes, this jewelry is incredibly popular. It adds a classic sparkle to any outfit and fits a wide range of budgets.

What styles are available?

We offer a wide selection of women’s and men’s diamond necklaces including pendants, eternity styles and custom options. Choose from diamond pendants, bezel-set styles, tennis necklaces, heart pendants with diamonds and cross necklaces featuring this classic gemstone.

What is the best way to clean a diamond necklace?

If you’re wondering how to clean a diamond necklace, you’re in luck! These are some of the easiest stones to care for, especially when set in precious metals like gold or platinum. To keep your diamond necklace sparkling brilliantly, clean it regularly with a specialized jewelry cleaning solution or a mixture of gentle dish soap and water. Make sure to thoroughly dry your jewelry after cleaning it. You may also use a polishing cloth or ultrasonic cleaner for many diamond necklace styles.

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