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What Does An Engagement Ring Symbolize?

An engagement ring has long symbolized a proposal of marriage, and our Instagram feed is full of these magic moments. You know the ones, right? 
Where excited, and slightly nervous, proposers are down on one knee. The 
meaning of an engagement ring speaks volumes: It’s a clear and tangible 
symbol that you are beloved, and that the person presenting the ring wants 
to make your relationship official.
Design your own engagement ring

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Ready-to-Ship Rings

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Custom Engagement Rings FAQs

How do I use the Build Your Own Ring® tool?

Our custom rings are the perfect choice for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring with heirloom quality. To build a showstopping custom ring, start by choosing the perfect gemstone or setting. Most people choose diamonds along with precious metal settings in gold or platinum. Simply click through to build the winning combination. Need a little help? We’re always here to help you design the perfect custom ring for your loved one!

How are custom rings made?

Our handcrafted custom wedding rings and engagement rings are built with time-tested expertise. They are made of durable precious metals and expertly crafted to last lifetimes. Built by our artisans, custom Blue Nile rings are standout pieces that always impress.

Which diamond shape is best for a custom ring design?

One of the best features of designing an engagement ring is flexibility. We offer many diamond shapes that can be set into the ring of your choice for a custom design that’s as unique as your love story. Popular shapes include round, emerald, oval and pear.

How much do custom engagement rings cost?

The price of a custom ring depends on its complexity and materials. Custom engagement rings with larger diamonds or more intricate designs will fetch higher prices than simpler pieces. These customized rings start at only a few hundred and can go into the tens or hundreds of thousands and beyond.

What’s my partner’s ring size?

Our ring size chart makes it easy to find your partner’s ring size.

How long do custom rings take to make?

The production time for your order will depend on the availability of materials and the complexity of the design. We work quickly to offer fast turnaround times on custom orders. In addition, we also have many ready-to-ship designs that can be on your doorstep ASAP.

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