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A cushion cut blue topaz engagement set in white gold

Topaz Engagement Ring Guide

With its awe-inspiring radiance and mesmerizing array of colors, topaz has captivated us throughout history and is a favorite amongst brides today. The ethereal gemstone’s history is as rich as its shimmering hues.

History & Mythology of Blue Topaz

One of its derivations is from the word Topazios, named for a Greek island in the Red Sea which ironically, did not itself produce the gemstone, but instead produced peridot, which topaz is often confused with. The first topaz discovered were yellow, but today we associate topaz with rich blue hues.
A London blue topaz engagement ring with octagon cut center framed with two emerald cut peridot gemstones in yellow gold
Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0
via Wikimedia Commons / Cropped from original 

Mineral: Topaz 

Origins: USA, China, Russia, Brazil 

Symbols: Strength, Power 

Properties: Alleviates Anger and Sadness 

Durability: 8


Heated, thermal coated and/or irradiated to alter color 


Basic Gemstone Care 



A blue topaz gemstone in unpolished crystal form

What Does a Topaz Engagement Ring Symbolize?

A stone of love, affection and purpose, topaz is believed to heighten confidence in its wearer, enhance one’s belief in their inner strength and attract wealth and good fortune. Topaz is also associated with a passionate and fiery expression of positive energy. 

 An exquisite choice for an engagement ring, topaz is the official November birthstone and marks a fourth and 19th anniversary. Admired amongst artistic brides, it is believed to enhance one’s creativity. An ideal stone for sweethearts embarking on a new adventure of love, it is deemed to promote calming and healing energy, and cultivate a happy life. 


What to Look for in a Topaz Engagement Ring

With its fiery beauty and captivating sparkle, your ideal topaz engagement ring will set your heart ablaze when you encounter its awe-inspiring glow. As you peruse topaz engagement rings to find “the one,” here are some characteristics to keep in mind.


A crucial factor of consideration amongst engagement ring buyers is the color of the gemstone. The stunning topaz gemstone features a kaleidoscope of sumptuous colors including blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple, so you are sure to find the one that’s perfect for you. It is known for possessing a quality of pleochroism, meaning that it appears to reveal different colors when viewed from different angles.


The cut of a gemstone will be integral in displaying its depth of color. A high-quality cut will enhance the stone’s light-reflective qualities, reducing any inconsistencies in shine or color depth. Colored variations of topaz are commonly cut using step-cuts or scissor cuts, while colorless or more translucent forms are typically shaped into a brilliant cut.


The gemstone’s shape—the stone’s outline—is key to showcasing its scintillating sparkle and beauty. While topaz will be majestic in a variety of shapes, princess or oval are popular shapes, especially for blue topaz. Standard shapes for topaz also include round, cushion, triangle and emerald cuts. Often shaped into elongated cuts, oval and pear are desirable shapes for topaz helping to maximize its luminosity and color. Other statement-making shapes include marquise and trilliant.


With its exquisite display of colors, topaz will beautifully complement many metal settings. Blue topaz with its icy appearance will stunningly play against cooler-toned metals such as white gold or silver, for a sleek and modern look. Yellow and rose gold are gorgeous against blue topaz, elevating the intensity of its color with their warmer tones. A yellow gold setting is a majestic choice for imperial topaz with its orangey-pink hues.


With a rating of 8 on the Mohs scale, topaz falls behind rubies, sapphires and diamonds in terms of hardness, but still has an impressive level of durability. This makes it a fine choice for an alternative engagement ring and is suitable for everyday wear. To ensure that it maintains its dream-like luster for decades to come, it must be treated with the proper care and love.
The Moh's hardness scale showing opal at 5, emerald at 7.5, topaz at 8, ruby at 9, and diamond at 10

More on Color

 Blue topaz variations are highly sought after with their mesmerizing icy tones, and therefore make an exquisite “something blue” for brides-to-be. Sky blue topaz is the lightest, followed by Swiss blue topaz with its more deeply rich, saturated blue shades. One of the most prized and coveted types of topaz is the London blue topaz known for its breathtaking, greyish blue color. 



 Many choices of ring settings will beautifully enhance topaz, while keeping the stone safely secured. Often cut into elongated shapes to maximize the stone’s yield, it is also common to see topaz placed in protective settings, such as the bezel setting. A bezel setting will provide the most protection, supporting the stone from all sides and helping prevent damage to the cleavage plane. In rounder, less elongated cuts, it is common for topaz to be placed in halo settings. 


Accent Diamonds or Gemstones

 A lustrous, cushion-cut blue topaz solitaire is breathtaking alongside vivid amethyst accents. For an unexpected explosion of entrancing color, pair a blue topaz with peridot for an eye-catching look. Elevate the majesty of a London blue topaz, cushion-cut centerpiece with trillion cut aquamarine accents. Bohemian brides will fall in love with the dreamy combination of a vibrant blue topaz and enigmatic opal.


What style of topaz engagement ring sets your heart ablaze? From timeless tokens of romance to eye-catching modern style statements, create an exquisite representation of your love that captures your personal style. For bold brides, keep all eyes on you in a glorious oval-shaped imperial topaz centerpiece flanked by pavé diamonds set in yellow gold. For a simple yet stunning look, a round London blue topaz solitaire set in white gold is gorgeous for demure brides. For brides who favor a feminine touch, a heart shaped pink topaz set on a yellow gold band exudes fairytale-like romance. Brides with an ethereal style will fall in love with blue topaz cut into shapes like the trilliant cut accented by vintage-inspired diamond baguettes. Sophisticated brides will love the look of a shimmering, white topaz gleaming from the center of an elegant blossom setting, finished in yellow gold.

Topaz Engagement Ring Buying Tips 

An expression of the special bond between you and your partner, an engagement ring is a deeply meaningful purchase that you will cherish forever. As you search for your ideal engagement ring, here are some things to keep in mind.

Know Your Budget -  It is important to determine your budget before making your purchase to ensure you find a price point that is comfortable for you. Rarer variations of topaz that feature pink and red hues are more highly prized and valued, than yellow, orange or brown colored topaz that tend to be more modest in price but just as radiant.
Know Your Ring Size - As a precious token that you will treasure forever, it is critical that you determine your ring size before you shop to ensure that your ring will fit you comfortably. Our ring sizing guide lets you easily determine the right size at home.
Understand the Care Your Topaz Needs - While topaz is a relatively more durable gemstone, it is still crucial to treat your topaz ring with the proper precautions to ensure it is protected from potential damage and maintains its exquisite brilliance for decades to come. Simple gemstone care and cleaning techniques make it easy to keep your ring dazzling for decades.
Consider Personalizing Your Ring - Elevate the beauty of your topaz engagement ring with personalizations such as an engraving, gemstone accents or a unique, mixed-metal band that speaks to your personal style and captures your dream look.
Choose a Reputable Retailer - Choose a reputable retailer like us, as we offer only the highest quality selection of gemstones. Detailed product descriptions and a fair return policy are features indicative of a trustworthy retailer.   

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