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A loose blue topaz gemstone faces to the left across from a loose diamond gemstone facing to the right

Blue Topaz vs. Diamond: Which One Suits You?

Diamonds and blue topaz are stunning stones that look breathtaking in an engagement ring setting. Each stone offers its own distinct personality. Diamonds are famed for brilliant sparkle and fire, while the mesmerizing color of blue topaz draws attention to its shimmering beauty.

Origins and Rarity

Diamonds are often thought of as a symbol of preciousness, but it is the particular combination of clarity, color, carat and cut that defines each stone. Diamonds have been mined for over 2000 years. Most natural diamonds are now found in Canada, Australia, Russia and Africa. 

Topaz is a silicate mineral that is naturally found in a range of different colors. Blue topaz stones are exceptionally rare to find. Many blue topaz stones are created through treating naturally colorless topaz stones. These gemstones are most often mined in Sri Lanka, Brazil, China and Nigeria.


Shimmering diamonds and azure blue topaz are sure to summon second glances with their distinctive beauty.


Diamonds have a romantic reputation for their signature sparkle. Their high rating on the refractive index promises exceptional fire and brilliance. The cut of a diamond has a significant effect on the appearance of the sparkle, and the best cuts allow light to bounce beautifully inside the stone for a mesmerizing effect as light splits into different colors. 

Blue topaz gemstones also flaunt eye-catching sparkle. They are lower on the refractive index, but a quality cut gives them a beautiful shimmer that enlivens the blue hue. 


Gemstone color varies among gemstones — and within types of gemstones. The classic image of a diamond is of a pure, clear stone. But diamonds can be found in a rainbow of hues. Known as fancy color diamonds, these gemstones are an exceptional choice for the diamond-lover who craves color. 

Blue topaz is renowned for its soothing hue. Most blue topaz gemstones fall into one of three categories. Sky blue topaz is a calming light-blue stone and is the only blue topaz hue to occur naturally. Swiss blue topaz boasts a vivid electric blue tone that summons attention. London blue topaz showcases a rich, sophisticated dark blue hue. 


Gemstone clarity is a key element in the appearance of a diamond. A clarity scale designed by the Gemological Institute of America uses 11 different grades to rank diamonds. The Flawless rank is the rarest, and most diamonds are graded as Slightly Included (SI) or Very Slightly Included (VS), with inclusions that are only detectable by a professional using 10x magnification. 

Most blue topaz gemstones are free of visible inclusions, giving them the appearance of exceptional clarity. Topaz naturally has few inclusions, and the enhancements performed in creating blue topaz stones help to minimize inclusions and increase clarity.


Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth, unscratchable by anything other than another diamond. They score a perfect 10 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, which makes them an ideal stone for everyday wear. Removing your ring before tackling tough tasks is still good practice, though.

Blue topaz features an exceptional score of 8 on the Mohs scale, which means it’s a durable gemstone that’s very resistant to scratching. A blue topaz engagement ring is suitable for everyday wear — but do wear it with care. 
The Moh's hardness scale showing opal at 5, emerald at 7.5, topaz at 8, ruby at 9, and diamond at 10


A variety of gemstone enhancements are available for diamonds that can minimize the appearance of inclusions or customize their color. Irradiation, high heat and pressure (HPHT) treatments or coating treatments are options to adjust a diamond’s natural color. Inclusions can be treated with laser drilling or fracture filling can be used to minimize white fractures and improve the appearance of a diamond’s clarity. 

 Almost all blue topaz gemstones have been treated to accentuate their color, since natural blue topaz stones are very rare and only feature light blue tones. Irradiation and heat treatments are used to create the vibrant Swiss blue topaz and rich steel blue London topaz stones.

Meanings and Symbolism

 Diamonds are a classic symbol of deep romance. As the hardest substance in the world, they also represent a sense of eternity. Clear stones carry a meaning of purity. 

All gemstones have meaning, and blue topaz represents loyalty and serenity, making it a touching symbol of the deep bond of love. It is also a symbol of protection and good health, acting as a token of good luck throughout your relationship. 

Popular Ring Styles and Settings 

 Diamonds are endlessly versatile when it comes to cuts and settings. One of the most popular cuts is the round cut, which emphasizes the dramatic sparkle of a diamond. But there are many cuts to choose from for your special stone. Each gemstone’s cut is chosen to flatter the structure of the raw stone, and each brings out particular elements of the stone’s personality. 

Blue topaz also offers a wide array of cut options. The natural form of topaz is often a longer crystal, so cuts such as oval or pear suit the gem well. Round cuts highlight the sparkle of this stone as well. A cabochon cut is also an option with topaz. This cut features a round shape with a smooth polished dome. It is one of the oldest kinds of cut for a gemstone.

Caring for Your Diamond or Blue Topaz Jewelry

Proper gemstone care and cleaning are key steps in keeping your ring looking stunning for a lifetime. 

• Occasional professional and regular at-home cleaning is ideal to keep it looking its best and provides an opportunity to check for loose stones.

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