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How to Plan A Small Wedding At Home During The Pandemic

September 16, 2020
Wedding experts share their secrets to help you plan a beautiful small wedding at home during the pandemic.
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8 Romantic Pandemic Marriage Proposals

Don’t Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Wedding Proposal! Here are inspiring stories of 8 couples who found creative ways to get engaged during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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How to Plan a Romantic Wedding Proposal During the Pandemic

Advice from nine experts who specialize in creating special proposal moments, to help you plan the perfect proposal, even during the pandemic.
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The Ultimate Guide to Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

To help you choose the perfect wedding anniversary gift for your soul mate, we have partnered with some of the best gifting experts in the business, who have shared their favorite ideas to make your special occasion even more wonderful.
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How to Buy the Perfect Engagement Ring Online During the Pandemic

During the current pandemic, restrictions may mean it isn’t possible to go into a physical jewelry store to choose an engagement ring. Thankfully, it has become easier than ever to buy an engagement ring online.
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5 Times Celebrity Marriage Proposals Didn’t Go to Plan

Some celebrity marriage proposals have been downright disastrous, but just like a Hollywood film, most have a happy ending. We’re going to take a trip down memory lane and walk you through a few of our favorites.
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2020's Top Jewelry Gift Trends for Every Occasion

Looking for a special way to surprise your favorite graduate or to celebrate a birthday or another special occasion? Check out these classic fine jewelry ideas for the perfect gift every time.
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