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Birthstones are valued for their incredible beauty, bringing sparkle and enticing shine to all styles of jewelry. Many birthstones are also imbued with spiritual meanings, with a history of symbolism dating back to the breastplate of Aaron that contained 12 gemstones representing the tribes of Israel along with the zodiac signs. Today’s modern birthstone list was established by the National Association of Jewelers in 1912 when symbolic meanings, zodiac associations, gem availability and historical context were all combined into our modern list. There have been a few updates to the list over the years with stunning gems joining the ranks of birthstones.

Treat yourself or a loved one to the thoughtful gift of birthstone jewelry. Perfect for gifts—birthstones are said to reflect the strengths and positive characteristics of the people born to their month. From powerful garnet to generous blue topaz, all our birthstone jewelry is expertly crafted to be as unique as the wearer.

Amethyst stud earrings
Round Amethyst Gemstone


Red garnets are a shining birthstone perfect for all types of jewelry. These gemstones were prized by ancient Egyptians and were even exchanged during the Middle Ages as symbols of affection. A high-quality garnet birthstone brings rich colors and good translucency. This gemstone’s game comes from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate seed.

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Amethyst is a vibrant, purple gemstone that has long been associated with royalty. A favorite of St. Valentine and Leonardo da Vinci, amethysts are a purple-toned variety of quartz that has lasting popularity. Medieval soldiers valued amethysts for their reported calming and healing powers while ancient Greeks believed the gemstone offered sobering powers. A high-quality amethyst birthstone offers a strong, saturated purple hue.

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The light blue aquamarine birthstone has long been associated with water. In fact, it was even an ancient talisman for seafarers. Today, the relaxing blue shade of this birthstone is believed to bring calming energy to its wearers. A high-quality aquamarine will bring bright colors, clear hue and good translucency.

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The toughest of all the gemstones, diamonds are the shining birthstone for April jewelry. The durable diamond is prized as a symbol of eternal love and strength. Diamonds are evaluated by the 4Cs and are believed to represent balance and courage.

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Rich green emeralds have been valued for centuries. This gemstone was considered holy by ancient Incas and Aztecs. A variety of beryl, emeralds bring a famous green coloration. High-quality specimens of this birthstone bring a vivid coloration and may have inclusions.

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The lustrous pearl is the glistening birthstone for June. Considered gifts from the sea, rare pearls are each one-of-a-kind with unique characteristics that make them natural wonders. Pearls are either cultured or found in freshwater and saltwater environments. They are a famous gemstone revered by royalty, celebrities and everyday people. Pearl birthstone jewelry represents innocence and purity.

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Ruby’s crimson color has long symbolized romance, passion and devotion. This variety of the mineral corundum is perfect for daily wear. A high-quality ruby birthstone brings good depth of color and relatively clean translucency.

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The vivid green peridot is a birthstone that’s long been believed to bring good luck and ward off evil. In Hawaiian mythology, peridots represented the tears of Pele, the goddess of fire and volcanoes. High-quality peridot birthstones will bring good translucence along with bright green-yellow hues.

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Sapphires are additional gemstones from the mineral corundum. This birthstone most commonly comes in rich blue hues, but other colors such as pink and white are also available. Sapphires are associated with royalty, romance and honesty. High-quality sapphire birthstones offer good transparency and rich depth of color.

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Opal birthstone jewelry features this striking gemstone and unique characteristics. Opals have a play-of-color that incorporates an inner glow along with multifaceted flashes of color. Opals are believed to symbolize faith, hope and loyalty. Some people also believe that the play-of-color offered by opals brings the symbolism of all birthstone jewelry into play. A high-quality opal will display an inner glow, known as opalescence, along with flashes of color.

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The bright citrine derives its name from the French word for lemons. Citrine birthstone jewelry represents happiness, vitality and health. A high-quality citrine will show the gemstone’s signature orange-focused shades with additional tones and hues ranging from deep brown to yellow-orange.

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Blue topaz is the most popular December gemstone for birthstone jewelry. Birthstone rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets with blue topaz often feature the London blue variety of this gemstone. Ancient Greeks believed that topaz offered strength to those who wore it. High-quality stones offer consistent color saturation and good transparency.

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Giving Birthstone Jewelry

Most people find special meaning in their birthstone, and a ring, necklace or bracelet set with their stone is a great way to honor the most important people in your life—and keep thoughts of them top of mind.
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Birthstones represent just 12 of the most popular gemstones commonly used for fine jewelry. Don’t miss out on all the other minerals deemed beautiful and durable enough to be called gemstones.
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Top Questions and Answers About Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstones are particular gemstones popularly associated with the month or astrological sign of a person's birth. Birthstones are said to reflect the positive aspects of your personality, strengthen your best characteristics and highlight your most charming traits.

Some months are associated with multiple birthstones because there is a traditional and modern list of birthstones.

The traditional list of birthstones originated in Poland between the 16th and 18th centuries. In contrast, the National Association of Jewelers released the modern list in 1912.

The National Association of Jewelers created the modern list to suit the contemporary taste, and this is the list most jewelers go by today.

The 12 birthstones on the modern list are garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, citrine and blue topaz.

Jewlery with birthstones is the perfect gift for any occasion. Birthstone jewelry can be an especially meaningful gift for new parents.

Whether you’re looking to purchase birthstone jewelry for mom or you’re looking for a piece for yourself, there are many types of jewelry to choose from. You can choose from birthstone necklaces, rings, bracelets or earrings.

Jewelry with birthstones is a stylish choice for symbolism, self-expression and simple aesthetic wear. These gems are an on-trend choice.

While many people choose birthstone jewelry by the month they were born in, there are no set rules that you must stick to your birth month. If there’s a birthstone from another month with symbolism or a look that you enjoy, you can absolutely wear that month’s birthstone. In fact, many people choose to wear symbolic jewelry with birthstones to represent special moments in their lives. Many gemstone engagement rings feature birthstones as well.

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