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A pair of 10 millimeter black with green undertone Tahitian cultured pearl stud earrings with white gold posts

Tahitian Pearl Guide

Enchantingly colorful, rare and uniquely lustrous Tahitian pearls are a welcome addition to any jewelry collection. Tahitian pearls come in a stunning array of colors, sizes and shapes. Ancient cultures associated pearls with celestial bodies because of their spherical shape and silvery glow. Tahitian pearls—especially black pearls radiating with purple, green and silver tones—represent the dark side of the moon. Learn more about Tahitian pearls in our guide.

What Are Tahitian Pearls?

Tahitian pearls are farmed from the black-lipped oyster and are known for their unique coloration and size. Despite what the name implies, Tahitian pearls don’t come from Tahiti. The name was born when pearl farmers from the other islands in French Polynesia would visit Tahiti to sell their wares, popularizing the area for the signature black pearl.
An 18 inch strand of iridescent black Tahitian pearls in  10 millimeter off-round baroque shapes held by a white gold box clasp

What Sets Tahitian Pearls Apart?

Around the world, pearls are cultivated inside the black-lipped oyster called Pinctada margaritifera, but only those from French Polynesia can officially be called Tahitian pearls. If there’s one thing that defines Tahitian pearls, it’s color. Tahitian pearls have the greatest color spectrum of any pearl type, but it's their natural black shade that set them apart as a rebel of the gemstone world. 

What to Look for in Tahitian Pearls

Our Tahitian pearls, like almost all of those on the market today, are of the cultured variety and are hand-selected to find the finest gem. One of the biggest concerns among new pearl buyers is whether cultured pearls are as “real” as natural pearls — and the answer is “yes!” Cultured pearls also form inside an oyster, but with a little help from skilled pearl technicians. Cultured pearls are just as authentic—not to mention as exquisite—as natural pearls and are attainable at a more affordable price without sacrificing quality or elegance. The availability of cultured pearls makes it possible to choose the size, colors and styles that you love so you’re never limited by the scarcity of natural pearls.

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