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Cushion cut morganite gemstones featured in rose gold drop earrings

Morganite Guide

Popular, pink and perfect for all kinds of jewelry, the morganite gemstone adds romantic colors to any collection. Discover how morganite gets its special pleochroism, its symbolism and the history of this gemstone. Our morganite guide includes buying tips, details about famous morganite stones and gemstone care tips.

What is morganite?

Morganite is a jewelry-quality gemstone known for its pastel pink, peachy and bright flamingo pink signature colors. It’s a member of the beryl family and cousin to the lustrous emerald. When you observe it at different angles, morganite shines pale pink to a deeper, bluish pink—a phenomenon called pleochroism. Morganite is most commonly mined in Brazil, but deposits are occasionally found in the US, Afghanistan and Mozambique. The morganite stone symbolizes love, compassion, peace and joy.
A cushion cut morganite gemstone set in a rose gold cocktain ring
Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0
via Wikimedia Commons / Cropped from original 

Mineral: Beryl 

Origins: Brazil 

Symbols: Compassion, Joy, Peace 

Properties: Tolerance, Joy, Stability 

Durability: 7.5 to 8


Heated to improve color and clarity 


Basic Gemstone Care 



Rose Quartz
A morganite gemstone in unpolished crystal form

What to Look for in Morganite

Quality morganite has an even hue and rich saturation. Keep these factors in mind when looking for beautiful morganite jewelry.


As with most other gemstones, the color of a morganite will greatly influence its value. Most morganite colors include varieties of pink shades. The most desirable morganite is a medium to strong pink, which is often the result of heat treatment. Recently, untreated morganite—which boasts a gorgeous vivid coral color, has gained popularity. 
An Illustration of 3 differently colored gemstones from the side


Just as with diamonds, the cut of a gemstone influences its color, light performance and overall beauty. Pink morganite is a versatile gem that lends itself beautifully to any cut. Popular cuts for morganite stones include round, cushion, emerald and designer cuts. 
An Illustration of a well-cut gemstone from the side


Gemstone clarity is determined by any inclusions embedded in the gem, such as gas bubbles, fractures or small crystals. Morganite is considered an “eye-clean” gemstone, meaning any inclusions present aren’t visible to the naked eye. 

An Illustration of a gemstone with very few inclusions from the side


While diamonds are valued based on carat weight, gemstone size is based on diameter in millimeters. Morganite is easy to find in larger sizes, so prices aren’t likely to go up significantly based on its size. 

An illustration of a gemstone from the side with a ruler over the gem's table


Untreated morganite tends to have an orange or yellow tinge, and gemstone enhancements like heat treatments are almost always used to bring out the strong pinks that morganite is known for. These treatments are permanent, undetectable and don’t harm the stone. 

An illustration of a gemstone being treated with oiling enhancement method


Morganite has a Mohs hardness rating of 7.5 to 8, meaning it’s fairly resistant to scratching and chipping. As with all gemstones, basic precautions and regular maintenance will keep your jewelry looking its best.
The Moh's hardness scale showing opal at 5, emerald at 7.5, topaz at 8, ruby at 9, and diamond at 10

Choosing the Right Morganite Jewelry

Morganite’s elegant blushing tones make it an idyllic match for rose gold — especially surrounded by a shimmering halo of diamonds. A morganite engagement ring is a stunning choice, and with proper care and careful wear, it will withstand everyday rigors.

Famous Morganite Gemstones

A relatively newly appreciated gemstone, morganite has quickly earned its reputation as a captivating and colorful stone. One of the most famous morganites, The Rose of Maine, was founded at a quarry in its namesake state in 1989. This famous morganite stone was uncovered in Maine and weighed just over 50 pounds. Measuring 24cm long and 30cm wide, The Gem of Maine displayed a stunning orange-leaning pink hue.

Morganite Gemstone History

 Morganite was discovered in the early 1900’s by Tiffany and Company. It was called pink beryl until a chief gemologist working for Tiffany’s suggested they name it after J.P. Morgan, financier, philanthropist and gemstone enthusiast extraordinaire.

How to Clean Morganite

 If you’re wondering how to clean a morganite ring or other jewelry with this pink gemstone, you’re in luck. Morganites are easy to clean, thanks to their durability and strength. Simply wash your morganite jewelry with a specialized jewelry cleaning solution or mixture of water and gentle soap. Make sure to thoroughly dry your jewelry after cleaning it.

Colorful Morganite Gemstones

What is morganite? Morganite is the pink-hued gemstone in the beryl family. Pink morganite can be found in engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and other jewelry for men and women. Morganite gets its signature shades from traces of manganese, creating a soft pink shade in the stone.

Many jewelry-quality pink morganites are heat treated to enhance their color. This is a stable treatment that brings out the best of a morganite gemstone. 

Symbolism of Morganite Stones

Associated as the gemstone for Scorpios, morganite carries symbolism and style for engagement rings, earrings and other jewelry styles. In engagement rings, morganite’s pink colors can bring romantic meaning. This gem is also connected to symbolism of joy, stability and tolerance.  

How to Care for Your Morganite Jewelry

Caring for your morganite jewelry is simple with our gemstone cleaning and care guide. Storing your jewelry when you’re not wearing it and checking often for damaged and loose stones will keep your morganite pieces in top condition. If your gems are in need of some extra attention, we offer free cleaning and repair services on all of our morganite jewelry.


Do you like your gems soft and understated or bold and flashy? There’s a gemstone out there for every taste and personality. Learn more about all the dazzling possibilities in our helpful gemstone education guide.

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