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A pair of cushion-cut December birthstone earrings of Swiss Blue Topaz detailed with diamond halos set in white gold lever back drops

December Birthstone: Blue Topaz

Set apart by its soothing shades and charming sparkle, blue topaz is a beloved gem that serves as the birthstone for December. Today’s December birthstone joins the blue-hued gemstones that have previously represented the month such as tanzanite, zircon and turquoise. The modern December birthstone, blue topaz, is associated with wisdom, abundance and love. Learn more about the history, symbolism and jewelry styles for December’s birthstone.

The Stone of Strength

The December birthstone, blue topaz, is an azure-colored version of the popular gemstone topaz. Topaz has been worn by cultures around the world since ancient times, each giving it a unique gemstone meaning. The Greeks believed that it endowed the wearer with strength, while in India, topaz was used to help assure long life. During the Renaissance, topaz was also believed to have magical properties and the ability to break spells. 
A December birthstone ring of emerald-cut London blue topaz framed with two emerald cut peridot gemstones set in yellow gold

Blue Topaz's Birthstone History 

Over the years, the birthstone for December has included gems such as blue topaz, lapis lazuli, turquoise, zircon and tanzanite. The commonality is the December birthstone color, which has always been a blue-hued gemstone. In modern times, a shift to transparent gems has made blue topaz an exquisite birthstone for December. Tanzanite was also added to the December birthstone list in 2002. 

Today’s two most popular December birthstones are blue topaz and tanzanite. These are the gems that are regarded as modern Dec birthstones

A Symbol of Power and Positivity

An energetically powerful stone, blue topaz helps alleviate sadness, dispel anger and promote healing. Wearing your blue topaz birthstone is also thought to increase inner strength, cultivate the intellect and enhance creativity. The birthstone symbolism of this marvelously blue stone represents love, beauty and wisdom as well. 

Historic December Birthstones

While blue topaz is the most popular December birthstone, there have been some other gemstones associated with this winter month over the years. Turquoise, tanzanite and even zircon have been associated as birthstones for December. While some people still seek out tanzanite jewelry or turquoise jewelry as December birthstone pieces, blue topaz is the most commonly purchased birthstone for this month. 

December’s Birthstone Color

Over the years, there have been multiple December birthstones to represent this icy month. Turquoise, tanzanite and blue topaz have been signature birthstones for December. All of these gems share blue colors that match the cold month. Blue topaz is the most popular December birthstone, with a range of cool colors from soft azure to deep blue. More specifically, blue topaz comes in three colors: London topaz, Swiss topaz and sky blue topaz. Each shade brings its own characteristics and style. 


When did Blue Topaz Become December’s Stone?

Blue topaz’s status as the birthstone for December was cemented in 2002 when it was added to the month’s official roster of gems. Since then, it has been the most widely sought-after gemstone in December birthstone jewelry. 

The Blue Topaz December Birthstone Connection 

Embodying the strongest range of hues in the signature December birthstone color, blue topaz is the perfect gemstone for the last month of the calendar year. Its namesake colors make the blue topaz birthstone a perfect fit for December, with its cool hues matching the winter weather experienced in many climates. 

December Birthstone Meanings for Blue Topaz

With ties to wisdom, calming of nerves and inner strength, blue topaz is a gemstone that is believed to bring good luck to people born in December. It is often believed to represent love, making the perfect gift for any occasion.

Gifting Inspiration for the December Birthstone

Blue topaz is a gorgeous birthstone gift and a stunning choice for marking many of life's meaningful moments. Our selection of blue topaz rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings offers something for anyone in your life.


The captivating color and shine of this gemstone make a magical choice as a blue topaz engagement ring. Enchant your significant other with a radiant blue stone enhanced by a shimmering halo of diamonds. December’s birthstone, blue topaz, also pairs wonderfully with other colored gemstones like peridot or aquamarine.
An December birthstone engagement ring of cushion-cut swiss blue topaz center framed by two trillion-cut peridot stones set in yellow gold


A blue topaz necklace is one of the best ways to display this brilliant gemstone. If someone you know and love has a December birthday coming up, treat them with an eye-catching pendant necklace that showcases their birthstone in their favorite blue hue.
A teardrop-shaped December birthstone pendant with blue topaz gemstone centered in a diamond halo with sterling silver setting and matching chain


The relaxing December birthstone color makes it an excellent gift choice for mom's birthday or Mother's Day. Treat mom to a blue topaz bracelet to bring this birthstone’s unique hues to her jewelry collection. Our timeless bracelets are available in an array of shades, from subtle sky blue to deep and vivid ocean shades. Choose from a variety of styles and cuts to fit your mom’s personality.
Three layers of oval cut blue topaz circle a birthstone bracelet set in sterling silver


Gemstone earrings are a thoughtful gift for important milestones like graduations, promotions, weddings and special anniversaries. From simple and elegant studs to bright and bold hoops, you can find blue topaz earrings to mark any significant occasion.
A pair of birthstone stud earrings of cushion-cut London blue topaz set in sterling silver

Keep Your Blue Topaz Jewelry Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

• Proper gemstone care will help your blue topaz jewelry keep its enchanting gleam for years and years to come. 

• For regular cleaning, simply dip your jewelry in warm, soapy water and give it a gentle scrub using a 
   soft-bristled toothbrush. 

• Ensure that your beautiful blue topaz pieces last for generations by taking advantage of our free cleaning and    repair services

• Your jewelry will be expertly refreshed, restored and ready to wear again in no time.

Blue Topaz Birthstone Buying Tips

If you’re looking to purchase December’s gemstone jewelry, explore our buying tips to choose the perfect piece:

Pick a color in your budget. Lighter shades in this December birthstone color, such as sky blue topaz, will often command a smaller price tag than London blue topaz.
Aim for metals that complement the gemstone. The birthstone shade you choose will determine which metals are its best fit. Sky blue and Swizz topaz both sparkle in light metals such as silver, platinum or white gold. The deeper shades of London blue topaz can also sit in yellow or rose gold.
Check for inclusions. Many birthstones are enhanced through expert processes to improve their color and long-term stability. A quality blue topaz may show no inclusions due to these enhancing processes.

Be sure to purchase your December gemstone pieces from jewelers you can trust! A reputable jewelry store will 
only sell authentic blue topaz birthstone jewelry. 

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