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Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

Showcase your love with a symbolic, sparkling heart-shaped engagement ring. A truly endearing diamond shape, the heart cut diamond is a variation of the brilliant cut. A multitude of facets reflect light with spectacular, brilliant beauty. Set in platinum or gold, a heart diamond ring brings romantic symbolism to engagement styles.
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FAQs about Heart Shaped Engagement Rings

What are heart-shaped diamond engagement rings?

These engagement rings showcase a center diamond in a brilliant-cut pattern that forms the shape of a heart.

Are there any tips for choosing heart-shaped engagement rings?

The point (or “wing”) of this elongated brilliant-cut pattern reveals the color of a stone more than some other cuts, making it important to prioritize both clarity grade and cut grade as you select the center diamond.

Are round diamonds or heart-shaped diamonds more expensive?

When you're looking to maximize your budget, the fancy-cut diamonds will always offer better value than round-cut diamonds of the same carat weight and overall quality. In fact, fancy-cut diamonds, such as heart-shaped diamonds, can be up to 25% less expensive than a round-cut diamond.

What setting styles are best for heart engagement rings?

Keep the look classic and simple by selecting a solitaire heart-cut diamond engagement ring, or look for something with a bit more sparkle, such as an eternity engagement ring or pavé engagement ring.

Which bands match heart diamond rings?

We offer a large selection of wedding rings in various styles to perfectly accompany a heart-shaped diamond ring. Some of the most popular pairings are plain metal bands or diamond-accented eternity bands that bring extra sparkle to the stack.

Which metals look best with heart cut diamonds?

Gold and platinum are the best choices for a heart diamond ring. White gold and platinum offer classic style that allows the diamond to shine. For a more dramatic style, opt for heart-shaped engagement rings in rose gold or yellow gold.

What does a heart-shaped engagement ring mean?

A diamond ring traditionally symbolizes everlasting love and commitment. A heart-shaped diamond enhances the meaning, bringing strengthened symbolism of romance and connection.

Is a heart wedding ring timeless?

This unique ring style is best for romantics at heart. If you are considering purchasing this ring for your partner, make sure it matches their personal style. A heart-shaped diamond ring can be timeless for wearers of all ages.

Can gemstones fit into heart-shaped engagement ring designs?

Diamonds are the most popular gemstone for heart-shaped rings. Some people choose to make the style even more unique with additional gemstones.

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