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Eternity Wedding Rings

Commemorate a love that lasts forever with an eternity wedding ring. Our dazzling diamond eternity band wedding rings feature an endless circle of brilliant diamonds, gemstones or both — from velvety blue sapphires to beaming red rubies. All our eternity bands are set in the finest platinum, 18k or 14k gold. Beautifully symbolic eternity rings are perfect for anniversaries, weddings and additional celebrations.
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Eternity Wedding Rings

FAQs about Eternity Wedding Rings

Can an eternity ring be a wedding ring?

Yes, eternity band rings are often worn as women’s and men’s wedding rings. Our eternity bands fit well with many different engagement ring designs, making them an excellent choice for wedding ring stacks. An eternity ring for women makes the perfect addition to a wedding set.

When should you get an eternity ring?

Eternity wedding rings are often given as a gift from a partner as a symbol of love. Many couples purchase an eternity ring for their wedding, as a promise ring, to commemorate the birth of a child, or to celebrate an anniversary.

What do eternity rings symbolize?

With a never-ending circle of diamonds or gemstones, eternity rings symbolize everlasting love with an eternity band for women. Gifting your loved one an eternity ring represents how your affection and love will last forever.

Can you give an eternity ring before marriage?

Yes, eternity rings make great promise rings, which are given as a symbol of commitment before marriage. They can also be exchanged during commitment ceremonies.

What gemstone shapes are available?

We offer a wide selection of eternity bands for wedding styles including designs with diamonds of all shapes and styles. Choose classic round brilliant eternity bands or unique oval eternity bands. We also offer gold diamond band rings with eternity styles featuring emerald and cushion cut diamonds.

For standout eternity diamond rings, consider styles with more unique diamond shapes like radiant or Asscher-cut eternity bands. 

What does a diamond eternity band symbolize?

A diamond represents an everlasting connection. Wedding eternity bands enhance this symbolism, pairing the endless sparkle of a diamond with an unbroken circle of enchanting gems for a ring that symbolizes everlasting love. Diamond eternity rings symbolize your lasting promise and connection.

Our eternity wedding bands are some of the most symbolic rings we offer at Blue Nile.  

What gemstones are available for eternity wedding rings?

Natural and lab grown diamonds are the most popular gemstone you can find in wedding eternity bands, with white gold and diamond band rings of varying designs to choose from. We also offer yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and silver designs.

For an eternity wedding band in alternative gems, we invite you to explore our options that include sapphires, rubies, blue topaz or amethysts. Birthstones are an increasingly popular choice for women’s eternity bands.  

What designs are available for eternity diamond bands?

At Blue Nile, we offer a wide variety of eternity bands for women, showcasing styles to match any look and budget. You can choose from princess-cut eternity bands with small diamonds, classic women’s eternity rings with round diamonds, designs with alternating metal and diamond styles, or floating diamond eternity bands. We offer eternity wedding rings with diamonds and gemstones set in styles such as bezel settings, prongs and even pavé diamonds.

How do I find the right ring size?

You can use our free ring sizer to find the perfect eternity band fit.

Do the 4Cs of diamonds matter when shopping for eternity diamond rings?

It’s important to keep the 4Cs of diamonds in mind when you’re shopping for diamond eternity bands. The beauty and brilliance of diamonds in these wedding rings will be influenced by each individual diamond’s cut, color, clarity and carat. Visit our wedding ring buying guide to learn more.

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