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Our vibrant gemstone jewelry is a perfect match for those who love to stand out. Colorful gemstone jewelry styles are perfect for rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Shop jewelry featuring gemstones such as amethysts, diamonds, morganite, sapphires, emeralds, opals and many more.
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FAQs about Gemstone Jewelry

What gemstone can you wear everyday?

If you are looking for colored gemstone jewelry for everyday wear, you want to pick a gemstone that is steadfast and durable. Diamonds, sapphires, rubies and topaz can be worn every day with little to no worry. More delicate stones like opal, onyx and jade may require a little more caution.

What is the most durable gemstone?

When it comes to durability, all gemstones are ranked on something called the Mohs scale of hardness. A score of 1 means it is soft, whereas a score of 10 is the hardest. Diamonds top the scale with a perfect 10, as they are the hardest product on the planet. Other high-ranking stones include rubies, sapphires and topaz. Realistically, any stone that ranks lower than 7 is less than ideal for everyday wear, even if you take extra care.

Which gemstone is best?

There is no such thing as the "best" gemstone, because it all comes down to your personal preference and the characteristics that are most important to you. If you are judging on color, there are a whole variety of hues to choose from—and while you might think ruby red reigns supreme, your best friend could have the same affection for emerald. If you are judging on durability, there are some gemstones that are more durable than others. A lot of the time, this distinction is reflected in the price point. More affordable semi-precious gemstone jewelry is just as beautiful as its precious counterparts—they just have different levels of wearability

What metals are best for jewelry with gemstones?

Precious metals such as silver, platinum and gold are the most popular options for gemstone pieces. These metals offer a secure and stunning backdrop for gemstone jewelry. Each gemstone will have its own hue and visual qualities that influence its best match in terms of settings and metals. For example, the cool hue of blue sapphires and diamonds is often best matched with white gold, platinum or even silver. Many yellow and rose gold jewels feature gems such as amethyst and morganite. The best combination is one that protects the gemstone and enhances its beauty.

Is gemstone jewelry affordable?

Jewelry with gemstones varies in price, with options for virtually any budget. The price of gemstone jewelry will vary depending on the value of the gem, the metal used in the jewelry and the complexity of the design.

What kinds of jewelry feature gemstones?

Gemstones bring enchanting sparkle and colorful styles to pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Do gemstones have unique symbolism?

Many gemstones are linked to symbolism and deep meanings. This symbolism often dates back centuries, with each gem bringing unique meaning to wearers. Some gems are also associated with birth months along the calendar, these birthstones are featured in some of the most popular types of gemstone jewelry.

Does gemstone jewelry make a good gift?

Highly symbolic and uniquely beautiful, gemstone jewelry is the perfect gift for any occasion.

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