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Silver Necklaces

Silver necklaces are the perfect jewelry for daily wear, special occasions or anything in between. Our sterling silver pendants are the perfect accessory for any jewelry wardrobe. Explore lockets, silver chains, silver pendant necklaces, station chains or any other shining silver styles among our wide selection.


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FAQs about Silver Necklaces

One very contemporary fashion trend is layering delicate silver chains on top of each other to create a multidimensional look custom to the wearer. Other trendy silver necklaces include chokers and simple pendants that hang beautifully between your collarbones. For more casual occasions such as work or dinner with friends, cable chains and bar necklaces are options that fit in just right with modern style.

Most necklaces are made of sterling silver. There are two main types of silver —fine silver (999) and sterling silver (925). These numbers represent the percentage of the piece that's pure silver. Fine silver contains 99.9% pure silver while sterling silver contain 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% another metal. The other metal is usually copper, which increases the hardness of the jewelry and its ability to withstand daily wear, which is why sterling silver is the number one choice for jewelry.

You can find chic silver necklaces at just about any price point. A simple silver necklace can cost less than one hundred dollars, while intricate silver pendant necklaces can cost up to several thousand. The main factors in the price of a silver necklace are the presence of extenstive craftsmanship and any added embellishments. A silver necklace featuring gemstones like topaz or pearls will cost much more than a simple silver chain necklace.

Silver pendant necklaces and chains are incredibly durable. Like all jewelry, they may need some extra cleaning now and then. Polishing cloths can quickly remove any tarnish and our jewelry cleaning solution can also help keep your sterling silver necklaces shining.

Yes, we offer a wide selection of silver necklaces that are perfect for men’s styles! Our silver chains, available in a variety of link patterns, are a popular choice for men’s looks. Typically, our thicker silver chain necklaces are the masculine style of choice.

The mixed metal look of layering silver and gold necklaces together is a timeless style that always turns heads. To layer gold and silver necklaces together, choose chains of varying lengths. A classic combination is to wear a simple gold chain along with a silver pendant necklace for varied looks.

Silver necklaces have been a popular jewelry choice for ages. They have a flexible look that can fit any style. Some of the most popular women’s silver necklace styles include chain-only looks, personalized bar necklaces, gemstone silver necklaces and lockets.

Silver pendant necklaces are a trendy choice for men’s and women’s styles. Our sterling silver pendants offer the perfect touch of personalization and personality to any look. Choose from pendant styles such as hearts, infinity symbols, paw prints, good luck talismans, engravable pendants, love knots, tassels and silver cross pendants. We also offer a large selection of silver lockets that are perfect for holding cherished mementos.

Our silver necklaces are impressive on their own, but gemstones are often a welcomed style addition. You can find a dazzling array of gemstones featured in our silver pendant necklaces including amethyst, blue topaz, pearls and sapphires.

The fastest way to tell if a sterling silver necklace is real is to look at its hallmarks. These are identifying stamps that are most often located around the necklace clasp. A 925 sterling silver stamp means the necklace is genuine sterling silver.

The best way to keep your sterling silver chains and pendants tarnish-free is to wear them regularly. When you're not wearing your silver, you should put it back in its original packaging for safe storage. Storing a sterling silver necklace outside of its packaging or outside of a jewelry storage case may result in faster tarnishing. Luckily, tarnish can be quickly removed by a few passes with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Yes, silver chains and pendant necklaces can be worn daily. They're the perfect stylistically neutral metal to pair with any look. Silver’s durability makes it a perfect daily wear companion.

We do not recommend sleeping in silver chain necklaces or pendants. Silver chains are susceptible to breaking if you wear them while sleeping.

A little water exposure won't damage your silver jewelry. Just make sure to thoroughly dry your jewelry after exposing it to water. Avoid harsh chemicals or salt water.

With timeless appeal, low-maintenance beauty and valuable metals, silver necklaces are the perfect gift. A sterling necklace makes a thoughtful gift that continues to shine. These necklaces are perfect to gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, workplace milestones, new parents and any other gift-giving occasion.

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