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Top Questions and Answers About Wedding Rings

What's the difference between a wedding ring and a wedding band?

A wedding ring and a wedding band are interchangeable terms for the piece of jewelry exchanged between two people during a wedding ceremony. Both men and women wear wedding rings, which can be a simple-but-elegant solid metal band or one that's inlaid with diamonds and other luscious gemstones.

What is a three-band wedding ring?

A three-band wedding ring is a set of rings that combines the wedding band and the engagement ring with a third band that's often given as an anniversary gift or a push present to celebrate a baby's birth. The engagement ring usually sits in the middle of the set, with the other two rings fitting on either side.

How much do wedding rings and bands cost?

The price of wedding rings varies greatly, with simple bands costing as little as a couple hundred dollars and more extravagant rings costing as much as tens of thousands of dollars. But the price tag of a wedding band isn't as important as how it makes you feel. Exquisite wedding rings can be found at any price, and how much you should spend depends on your budget, preferred metal and embellishments.

What does a wedding ring symbolize?

A wedding ring is a symbol that's both private and public. It's a sign of love and fidelity between you and your partner, and it also signifies to the rest of the world that you're in a committed relationship. Your beautiful wedding band is a celebration of the vows that you exchange on your wedding day, and your desire to be with your partner for eternity. While your engagement ring symbolizes the promise of marriage, it's the wedding ring that makes the marriage official. Many of our customers wonder if a wedding ring should have diamonds. While we do offer many wedding ring styles that have diamonds set into the band, many of our most popular wedding rings for women and wedding rings for men are unadorned metal bands.

Can you combine your engagement ring and wedding ring?

The wedding ring is traditionally worn on the finger next to the pinky, on the left hand. This springs from the belief in ancient Greece that the ring finger was connected to the heart by a vein of love. On the day of their wedding ceremony, many women will temporarily move their engagement ring to their right hand. Once married with their wedding ring in place, they will move the engagement ring back to the left hand, leaving the wedding ring closest to the heart.

One of the most exciting developments that we've noticed over the last several years is that more and more couples are shopping for engagement rings together—and in many cases, thinking about how their choice of engagement ring and wedding bands synchronize, both stylistically and symbolically. They'll often create a wedding set in which the two rings are coordinated.

What are wedding ring sets?

A wedding ring set includes an engagement ring plus matching his-and-her bands for the groom and bride. Jewelers typically distinguish between a wedding set and a bridal set, which does not include the groom's ring. Outside of the jewelry world, most people use the term wedding set or couples rings.

What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

Wedding bands and engagement rings are both beautifully symbolic pieces of jewelry to represent an everlasting bond. The engagement ring is typically given to a partner during the proposal and worn on its own until the wedding. Then, it is placed alongside the wedding band on the ring finger during the marriage ceremony and the two are worn simultaneously.

Traditionally, the partner being proposed to receives the engagement ring and both partners wear wedding bands after the marriage ceremony.

Can wedding sets be soldered together?

Many wedding sets can be soldered together. If you're planning on permanently joining your wedding set, make sure that you're sure you'll always want to wear the pieces together in that order. Many people enjoy the flexibility of changing up their wedding stack, adding in eternity rings or even upgrading the rings over time which can be difficult to do if they are soldered together.

What metals do wedding bands come in?

We offer wedding bands for women and men in popular metals built to last. Choose from wedding bands in popular metals including platinum, white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, cobalt, tantalum, titanium and tungsten.

How much money should you spend on a wedding ring?

While there are many traditions regarding how much to spend on an engagement ring, wedding rings are often varied in their price suggestions. You should spend the amount you're comfortable with to purchase a ring with the features most important to the wearer.

How can I style my engagement ring and wedding band together?

With so many wedding ring designs and combinations, there are seemingly endless ways to style a wedding set. Some people choose to mix metals, building a set of mismatched stacked wedding bands. Others opt for unique ring designs, choosing twisted wedding bands or milgrain wedding bands.

Are there wedding rings with gemstones?

Many of our platinum, tungsten and gold wedding ring sets feature gemstone options. Popular gemstones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires and lab-grown diamonds. We offer gold diamond wedding rings for both men’s and women’s styles.

Which wedding band looks are popular?

Popular wedding sets include timeless metals and styles. Many couples choose gold wedding ring sets for a classic look, but additional metals like tungsten and platinum also offer impressive style. With so many unique wedding ring designs to choose from, today’s most popular styles are the ones that best match the wearer’s personality.

Why do wedding rings go on the left hand?

In ancient Greece, rings were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand due to the belief that there was a vein in this finger running directly to the heart. The tradition has stuck, with people in countries such as the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and many Commonwealth nations wearing their wedding band on the fourth finger of their left hand.

How can I find my wedding ring size?

If you already have an engagement ring, it’s likely safe to order your wedding band in the same size. But if you’re choosing a thick wedding band or a large wedding stack with an anniversary ring as well, it may be best to choose a ring that’s up to half a ring size larger. Contact our band experts for help finding your perfect size. 

Which wedding band matches my engagement ring?

Some wedding bands are available as matching wedding and engagement sets, while others are designed to complement a wide variety of engagement ring styles. You can find your best match by selecting a wedding band in the same materials as your engagement look for a cohesive look.   

Do wedding rings go on the left or the right hand?

In countries such as the United States, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and Commonwealth nations, the wedding ring is typically worn on the left hand’s fourth finger. People in countries such as Norway, Peru, Colombia and many eastern European countries wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of their right hand.

Who buys the wedding rings?

While engagement rings are typically purchased by the proposing partner, wedding rings don’t have the same tradition. It's common for partners to purchase each other’s wedding rings. If you choose to follow this way to buy wedding rings, it adds additional meaning to your wedding bands.

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