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Silver Bracelets

Layer up a lively collection of silver bracelets to create multidimensional shine or select a few sterling silver bangles to use as standalone pieces for elegant events. Silver bracelets for women include bangle bracelets, silver chains and intricate pieces with gemstones. Men’s silver bracelets are perfect for casual styles or more formal looks. Find the perfect sterling silver bracelets among our selection.
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Silver Bracelets

FAQs about Silver Bracelets

Can you wear silver bracelets to sleep?

There aren't health issues with wearing your silver bracelets to sleep, but you do run the risk of damaging your jewelry. Silver chain bracelets can catch on pillows, blankets or on your own hand. If your bracelet gets caught on something while you're sleeping, it may break. Silver bangles are less likely to be damaged, but they might not be very comfortable to relax in.

How tight should a sterling bracelet be?

Generally, you want to be able to fit a finger in between your wrist and your bracelet. The fit may alter slightly depending on the type of bracelet. Silver bangle bracelets need more room between your skin and the loop, as the bangle needs to fit over your wrist and hand. Chain bracelets can fit a bit tighter than a bangle, as you fasten them onto your wrist with a clasp.

Where should a bracelet fall on your wrist?

Traditionally, a bracelet should sit just above your wrist bone. This location offers a nice balance of functionality and style. However, there are no hard rules when it comes to fashion, and your bracelet should be worn wherever you find it the most comfortable. Some silver bracelets for women fit a little looser by their style, while some men’s silver bracelets fit more snugly. For example, cuff bracelets should fit more tightly than chain bracelets.

Which silver is the best for bracelets?

When it comes to silver bracelets for men and women, sterling is the best choice. Sterling silver bracelets are affordable and exceptionally durable. In fact, sterling is the most popular silver type for many styles of jewelry including silver rings, silver earrings and silver necklaces as well.

What are popular silver bracelets for women?

Women’s silver bracelets come in a wide variety of styles. Some of the most popular include bracelets with beautiful symbolism such as knot or infinity chain bracelets. Twist and cuff bracelets are also popular women’s styles.

Which silver bracelets for men are popular?

Men’s silver bracelets offer thicker chains or cuffs for standout styles. Double strand bracelets, standard chains or more complex Byzantine chains are popular for men’s sterling bracelets.

How can I prevent tarnish on silver bracelets?

One of the best ways to keep silver bracelets shining and tarnish-free is to wear them regularly.

How should silver bracelets be cleaned?

Silver bracelets are best cleaned with a jewelry polishing cloth. Simply rub the cloth on tarnished portions of your bracelet to clean any buildup away.

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