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Men's Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Men's rose gold wedding bands are a unique and modern choice for a wedding ring that still brims with a traditional charm. The light pink hue of rose gold has a romantic and vintage appeal, and it pairs effortlessly with other metals like white gold, platinum and tantalum.
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Men's Rose Gold Wedding Bands

FAQs about Men's Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Can men wear rose gold?

Men can absolutely wear rose gold with confidence. The rosy hue will lend your look a subtle but eye-catching touch of color and just the right hint of stylistic flair. As an alloy, rose gold also offers greater durability and wearability than pure gold, ensuring that men's rose gold wedding bands last a lifetime.

How much should a men's wedding band cost?

The price of a men's wedding band should suit your budget and your personal style, and the most important factor should be to find a ring you will love and cherish. Our rose gold wedding rings for men start at around four hundred dollars for a classic metal band and go up to over one thousand dollars for two-tone rings in rose gold and platinum.

Is rose gold better than yellow gold?

Rose gold and yellow gold are both alloys of pure gold, and both have appealing characteristics depending on what you are looking for. Rose gold is an alloy with copper, which gives men's rose gold bands their pink color. Yellow gold is an alloy containing silver, copper and traces of zinc, lending it a rich and warm golden glow. The best option for men's wedding bands comes down to your personal taste and style.

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