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Men's Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a symbol of lifelong commitment, so it's no surprise that so much time and thought goes into their selection. For years, women have enjoyed hundreds of stylistic options, including different shapes of diamonds and gemstones to pair with an engagement ring. Traditionally, men have had far fewer choices. Today, a growing number of guys are looking for wedding bands that complement their fashion sense and lifestyle. Classic men's wedding bands in platinum, white gold and yellow gold are among Blue Nile's top sellers. We're also excited to offer great-looking designs in highly durable metals like cobalt, tantalum, titanium and tungsten, as well as wedding bands with channel-set diamonds and diamond pavé, plus engravable styles.

Popular Metals For Men's Wedding Bands


Metal preference is a big factor when it comes to choosing a men's wedding band. Because each metal has its own unique properties that affect comfort, durability and care, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. To help guide your decision, we're diving into the specifics for the common metals used in men’s wedding rings, including gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten and more. 

Gold Wedding Bands 
Gold wedding rings for men come in a wide variety of styles from minimalist to embellished, including men's yellow gold wedding rings, men's white gold wedding rings, and men's rose gold wedding rings. Between gold's rust-, tarnish-, and corrosion-resistant properties, a malleability that makes it ideal for engraving and resizing, and hypoallergenic nature, it's easy to see why gold wedding rings will continue to be a favorite for years to come. To maintain your gold wedding ring avoid exposure to chlorine or other chemicals and cleaning products. Gold's malleability makes it susceptible to abrasions and changes in shape. Keep your ring looking good by cleaning it with warm water, detergent-free soap and a soft-bristled brush.
Man's hand with gold wedding band
Platinum Wedding Bands 
Platinum wedding rings for men are prized for their timeless beauty and inherent value. With the durability to rival diamonds' indestructible nature and 30-times rarer than gold, platinum wedding bands easily secure top-of-the-line status. Unlike its more malleable cousin white gold, platinum is around 95% pure so it can maintain its inherent density without becoming too rigid to be engraved with sweet sentiments or resized for a glove-like fit. Though platinum can wear to display an alluring patina over a lifetime, a quick polish returns its stunning shine to its original brilliance. Even a metal as tough as platinum deserves some TLC. A simple soak in a solution of warm soapy water and a gentle scrub with a soft-bristle brush will do the trick.
Platinum Wedding band
Titanium Wedding Bands 
Of-the-moment designs? Check. Lightweight and comfortable? Check. When it comes to titanium wedding rings for men there's much to admire. This 99% pure alloy exhibits malleability that rivals gold's, allowing it to inhabit whatever form strikes the imagination. Strong enough for commercial aircraft and hypoallergenic enough to be used medically, featherweight titanium can truly do it all–except be resized. When it comes to care, keep your titanium wedding band away from harsh cleaning chemicals like chlorine. Spruce it up with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.
Titanium Wedding Band

Tungsten Wedding Bands

Featuring all the hallmarks of handsome design and industrial-strength durability, tungsten wedding rings for men have come to define sleek, stalwart style in the modern era. Formed from a weighty alloy of tungsten and carbon, these rings set the standard for scratch-resistant durability—however it's inherent toughness means that tungsten wedding rings can't be resized. Give your tungsten ring some time off when cleaning or going for a swim as this metal doesn't play well with harsh chemicals. Daily upkeep can be maintained by cleaning with a soft cloth and solution of warm water and detergent-free soap.

Tungsten Wedding Bands
Other Metals Used In Wedding Bands 
In addition to some of the more traditional options, men's wedding rings in cobalt, tantalum, stainless steel and other durable and lightweight metals are becoming increasingly popular. (Note: Stainless steel men's wedding rings are not available at Blue Nile as stainless steel is not a precious metal.) Cobalt's luster rivals white gold's and it resists abrasion better than titanium or platinum. Tantalum, a naturally blue-grey metal with properties similar to platinum, is popular thanks to its affordability and durability. Its natural color is coated in a matte black ceramic plating to give it a masculine and modern feel.
Other Metals used in wedding bands
Men's Diamond Wedding Bands 
Why should women get all the bling? At Blue Nile we offer men's diamond wedding rings in an array of contemporary styles from channel-set black diamonds in a white-gold band to diamond eternity rings in yellow gold. If you're interested in a men's wedding band that matches your partner's, consider matching metal colors, going with the same diamond shape (round diamonds or non-round fancies), or adding subtle details like milgrain.

Men's Diamond wedding band

How Much Are Men's Wedding Rings?


The average price of a men's wedding band in the U.S. is $600. At Blue Nile, there are many factors that influence the cost of a men's wedding ring. Your choice of precious metal is just one element that affects price, and some metals are pricier than others. Of course, it's no surprise that band prices increase with the addition of diamonds. For example, a simple band crafted in cobalt starts around $160. One of our most popular men's wedding rings in 14k yellow gold is $425, while a while a platinum men's wedding band with channel-set diamonds is around $2,200. The good news? We have perfect styles to suit diverse tastes and budgets, and we have the perfect wedding ring for you.

Wedding Ring Sets For Him And Her

While you can always coordinate your choice of ring with your partner's to ensure the styles are well suited, we've made it even easier to buy a ring that matches your fiancé's with our great selection of couples' rings. These pairs are chosen for their complementary design elements.

What Is A Comfort Fit Men's Wedding Ring?

Men's comfort fit wedding rings are aptly named because they feel great. Available in a range of weights, these rings are designed with a rounded interior that reduces pressure on your finger and makes it easier to slide over your knuckles.