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Men’s Wedding Bands and Wedding Rings

The perfect foundation for a lifetime of style, our collection of men's wedding bands & rings includes classic gold bands, platinum rings, diamond designs and male wedding rings in alternative metals like tungsten. Our high-quality men’s bands are available in a wide range of designs, prices and sizes. Find the perfect heirloom-quality men’s wedding bands from our leading selection of crafted rings.
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Men's Wedding Bands

FAQs about Men’s Wedding Bands and Wedding Rings

How much are men's wedding rings?

Men's wedding rings range from just under $200 to up to and over $8,500 for an intricate and stunning men's diamond wedding band.

How do I pick men's wedding rings?

If you’re shopping for yourself, it’s best to start by looking through our selection of men’s bands to discover the different colors and designs that are available. We offer many different styles, from classic gold male wedding rings to more unique men’s wedding bands in metals like tungsten. Choose the ring type that resonates with your personal style. For some, this means getting a classic platinum and diamond band. For others, this may mean getting an alternative metal like cobalt or other designs for a black wedding ring.

For those who are new to wearing jewelry, we encourage you to visit one of our local jewelry stores to try out our rings in person. We also offer virtual jewelry shopping appointments in which our experts can help you find the perfect ring for your style and budget.

If you’re looking to match your partner’s engagement ring or wedding ring, it’s best to choose a metal that matches their set.

What color men's wedding ring should I get?

You can choose between gold, silver, black, rose gold, gray, or some of our rings feature a combination of these colors. Our wedding rings for men are available in a wide range of colors.

What metal men's wedding ring should I get?

Gold and tungsten are two of the most popular metals for our men’s bands. We also offer wedding rings for men in platinum, tantalum, cobalt and titanium. Each metal has its own style and durability, so it’s best to choose the metal that matches your style and budget.

How do I find the right ring size?

When it comes to sizing rings for men, you want to be sure you’re selecting a ring that will comfortably fit. You can use our ring size chart and free ring sizer to find the right size for your purchase.

What kinds of unique men's wedding bands are available?

While solid gold and platinum are still popular materials, some men are choosing alternative wedding band metals for a modern look. We offer men’s black wedding bands in metals such as titanium for a non-traditional take on this classic jewelry. Our men’s black wedding bands are an increasingly popular option for people of all ages.

We also offer unique metals in gray colors, brushed finishes and matte designs as well. Our most popular alternative metals for men’s wedding bands include tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome, black titanium and tantalum.

How do you care for a wedding band?

Regular cleaning is the best way to keep bands looking their best. Alternative metals like tungsten and cobalt in men’s black wedding bands should also be cleaned regularly.

How do I pick a male wedding ring for my partner?

We offer a wide selection of wedding rings for him in various styles, prices and metals. If you’re shopping for your partner’s wedding ring, it’s important to consider their personal style. Do they tend to wear classic looks? Do they prefer dramatic or unique designs?   

Pick the men’s wedding band that fits his fashion sense and preferences. For men who aren’t used to wearing jewelry, it’s best to choose men’s bands with comfort-fit details that make the jewelry lightweight. For men with an appreciation for eye-catching designs, choose one of our rings for men with gemstones and diamonds or alternative metals.

Which male wedding bands are best for people with sensitive skin?

At Blue Nile, we offer many hypoallergenic jewelry designs perfect for people with sensitive skin. When it comes to wedding bands for him, some of the best metals for sensitive skin include platinum, titanium and cobalt.

What unique designs are available?

Male wedding bands don’t have to be plain; we offer plenty of unique men’s bands for those in search of different designs. This includes men’s wedding bands with natural or lab grown diamonds, rings in black metals, male wedding rings with gemstones, rings with inlays and men’s bands with two-tone rings. We also offer men’s bands that match select men’s engagement rings for a perfect pairing.

What are comfort fit men’s wedding rings?

Many men’s wedding bands are available in comfort fit designs. For these men’s bands, the inside of the ring is rounded for easier movement to get the ring on and off. They often feature softened edges as well. While it is not required to choose a comfort fit ring, many people enjoy the extra designs these bands offer.

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