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Emerald Cut Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamonds are instantly recognizable by their "step-cut" facets that create a geometric "hall of mirrors" effect. These rectangular step-cut facets are the only ones that define the cut, so you can choose the individual proportions and qualities you love.
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Emerald Cut Diamonds

FAQs about Emerald Cut Diamonds

Are emerald cut diamonds more expensive?

Emerald-cut diamonds offer extraordinary savings, sometimes as much as 40% compared to a round of similar qualities. Unlike round, you can also save by buying a shallower cut which accentuates the diamond's carat weight.

Is clarity more important for emerald cut diamonds?

The emerald-cut doesn't hide inclusions well—especially for diamonds 1.5 ct. or larger. If you are considering an emerald cut diamond we recommend that you splurge on a higher clarity grade. Learn more about diamond clarity.

Are emerald cut diamonds old fashioned?

The emerald cut has made a serious comeback thanks to a host of famous engagement rings.

Which ring styles work best with emerald cut diamonds?

With its Art Deco-era appeal, emerald cut diamonds look especially amazing in vintage-inspired settings. Check out our large selection of vintage engagement rings.

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