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White moonstone featured in a cahochon ring with a diamond halo

Moonstone Guide

With its lunar namesake and ethereal appearance, moonstone has an other-worldly charm. This luminescent gemstone has an internal sheen often compared to the light of the moon. In Hindu mythology, it was even said to be made of moonbeams. The lustrous radiance of moonstone makes it an exquisite choice for jewelry.

What is moonstone?

Moonstone is a part of the feldspar mineral group, which makes up a large portion of the earth's crust. It's set apart by an extraordinary glow that occurs when light diffuses through different layers inside the stone. This optical phenomenon—known as adularescence—contributes to the popularity of moonstone engagement rings.
A gray cabochon moonstone gemstone set in a yellow gold ring
Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0
via Wikimedia Commons / Cropped from original 

Mineral: Feldspar 

Origins: Myanmar, Tanzania, Brazil, Madagascar, United States 

Symbols: ntuition, Femininity 

Properties: Compassion, Empathy 

Durability: 6.5




Basic Gemstone Care 



A moonstone gemstone in unpolished crystal form

What to Look for in Moonstones

Moonstones are luscious, luxurious and lovely in all kinds of jewelry. They’re all beautiful and mysterious, and you won’t find two that are identical. Moonstone comes in a range of colors—including clear, white, gray, green, brown, yellow and peach—with a blue or white adularescence. It's mined most notably in India and Sri Lanka, but other sources include


Most people are first enthralled by the color of a gemstone. The most desirable moonstones have a clear body with a glowing blue sheen. White and gray stones are equally alluring and offer great value. Yellow, peach, green and blue moonstones are abundant and are typically more affordable, but just as beautiful as other moonstone shades. 

An Illustration of 3 differently colored gemstones from the side


The cut of a gemstone highlights its best features. Moonstone typically features a shaped and polished cut—known as a cabochon—rather than a faceted cut. Though still rare, faceted shapes like cushion cuts are becoming popular. 

An Illustration of a well-cut gemstone from the side


Gemstone clarity is determined by how many identifying marks it has—known as inclusions—which are present in most gemstones. The highest quality moonstones are transparent with minimal inclusions. Those with more visible inclusions are more affordable, and these marks add to the stone’s beauty and charisma. 

An Illustration of a gemstone with very few inclusions from the side


Gemstone size is typically measured in millimeters in diameter rather than carat weight. Moonstone comes in a range of sizes, though very large stones are rare. For moonstones of any size, diameter measurements offer a more accurate picture of the overall appearance, rather than carat weight. 

An illustration of a gemstone from the side with a ruler over the gem's table


The majority of gemstones receive standard treatments to improve their appearance. As outlined in our gemstone enhancement guide, our moonstones are treated using the highest-quality, approved techniques for bringing out their most brilliant natural qualities. 

An illustration of a gemstone being treated with oiling enhancement method


Moonstone makes gorgeous, eye-catching jewelry, but it falls between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning it should be handled and worn with care—especially when it’s in a ring setting—since it’s susceptible to scratching and other damage. It’s a luminous gemstone available at many price points and is most often found in stunning rings, bracelets, and pendants.
The Moh's hardness scale showing opal at 5, emerald at 7.5, topaz at 8, ruby at 9, and diamond at 10

Choosing the Right Moonstone Jewelry

Transparent moonstones with bright adularescence are the most desirable, but gems with a few inclusions offer excellent value without sacrificing beauty. Moonstone cabochons should have uniform dimensions and a round profile for the most ideal display of the stone's color and shine. The right moonstone is sure to catch your eye with a sheen, color, and cut that most appeals to you. 

Famous Moonstone Gemstones

Many cultures throughout history have associated moonstone's ethereal glow with the moon. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was the stone of the lunar goddesses, Selene and Luna. In more recent times, moonstone became popular during the Art Nouveau era and again in the New Age movement for its mystical appeal. Moonstone is traditionally believed to be a good luck gemstone, and it symbolizes love, passion, and fertility. Today, it's the birthstone for those lucky enough to be born in June. Learn more about this shimmering June birthstone and find out what your favorite gemstones say about you.

How to Care for Your Moonstone Jewelry

Caring for your gemstone jewelry is quick, easy, and will keep your moonstone jewelry radiant. All you need is    warm water, mild soap and a very soft brush to gently scrub it with. Once clean and dry, return your 
   moonstone jewelry to its soft, protective pouch and keep it in a soft, lined jewelry box. 

• Sparkling clean moonstone jewelry makes a lovely addition to formal or everyday outfits. To keep your jewelry in    its best shape, be sure to keep it away from high heat and avoid any hard impact. 

• Every once in a while, check for any loose stones or other signs your jewelry might need maintenance or repair.    We’re happy to provide free cleaning and repair services for all of our gemstone jewelry.


Moonstones are just one of many gemstones you’ll find at Blue Nile. Learn about other gemstones, and fall in love with all of them.

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