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Radiant Cut Diamonds

The radiant cut is a combination of "step-cuts" like the emerald shape and "brilliant cuts" like the round. And it shows all the benefits of both. It was designed in 1977 to maximize brilliance (bright white flashes) and fire (rainbow-colored flashes).

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Radiant Cut Diamonds

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FAQs about Radiant Cut Diamonds

Are radiant cut diamonds more expensive?

A very well-cut radiant can sparkle as much as a round diamond but cost considerably less. Because of their relatively affordable price point, they're also popular for non-engagement jewelry like diamond studs and pendants.

What is most important in radiant cut diamonds?

This shape is all about the cut, so prioritize a high-quality cut with excellent symmetry (a rating of the precision and alignment of a diamond's facets) when distributing your budget.

Are all radiant cut diamonds square?

Radiant cuts come in both square and rectangular—what you choose is totally up to you!

Are radiant cut diamonds a good value?

Specifically designed for maximum sparkle and extremely affordable, radiant cuts are favorites because they make the most of your budget.

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