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Gemstone Necklaces

Peachy pink morganites, serene citrines and luminous pearls are among the dazzling stones that create breathtaking gemstone necklaces. With such a variety of vivid stones, you can take your style one day at a time, electing for pretty peridots one day and rich rubies the next.
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Gemstone Necklaces

FAQs about Gemstone Necklaces

What do gemstones symbolize?

Each gemstone has a different perceived meaning and purpose; many stones are thought to bring health and vitality, like aquamarine, while others are thought to bring love, like amethyst. Some good luck gemstones are believed to bring peace, including those with sapphire and pink tourmaline.

Can gemstone necklaces be worn every day?

Gemstone necklaces can absolutely be worn every day. Gemstones vary in hardness, but all are safe for daily wear. Among the toughest gemstones are ruby and sapphire—both of these stones are rated at an eight on the Mohs scale of hardness, making them excellent choices for your day-to-day jewelry. Softer gemstones, like pearls, can also be worn daily with a touch of extra care.

What metal goes best with gemstone necklaces?

Precious metals, like rose gold, white gold, yellow gold and silver are stunning backdrops for gemstone necklaces. These metals provide everlasting shine with a durable finish you can wear every day. All of our gemstone necklaces are made with high-quality metals that will accent your favored gemstones beautifully.

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