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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Featuring one of the oldest diamond shapes, emerald cut engagement rings showcase true timelessness. Enjoy the vintage-inspired beauty and clean, crisp lines of these elongated diamonds with emerald cut diamond rings. Choose white gold or platinum for an Art Deco feel or pick an engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond in yellow gold or rose gold for a unique take on this shape. Shop our wide selection of lab made and ethical natural emerald cut diamond engagement rings and customize your metal and setting options to create a one-of-a-kind piece as unique as your love story.
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Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

FAQs about Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

What's the difference between Asscher-cut engagement rings and emerald-style engagement rings?

Asscher cut and emerald cut diamond rings feature a similar pavilion and facet design, but Asscher cut diamonds are square in shape, while emerald cut diamonds are more rectangular. Asscher cut diamonds are also known as a “square emerald cut.”  Rings with Asscher cut diamonds are generally squarer in shape, while emerald cut diamond engagement rings have a more elongated gem shape.

Are all emerald-shaped engagement rings the same shape?

Different emerald cut stones of the same carat weight can vary in length and width. Because of this, it's important to check the length-to-width ratio of a stone to see if it will be shorter and wider or longer and slenderer. You can refer to our diamond carat size guide to understand more about how the diamonds in emerald cut engagement rings look in relation to their carat weight.

Is clarity important when purchasing emerald-cut diamond engagement rings?

Because emerald cut diamonds feature an open table and geometric cut design, a high clarity grade is best when choosing these diamonds. Learn more about diamond clarity to discover what makes this such an important aspect of emerald cut diamond rings.

How does the emerald-cut engagement rings price compare to round-cut diamond engagement ring prices?

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings are up to 25% less expensive than round diamond engagement rings of the same carat weight and diamond quality. This is because round diamonds are generally priced higher than emerald ones.

What is the shape of a diamond?

A diamond’s shape is its overall physical outline, typically viewed from top-down. Diamond shape is different from cut, which refers to the proportions and faceting of a diamond. An emerald cut diamond ring features a diamond with this shape as its main stone. We offer emerald engagement rings with natural or lab grown diamonds.

How did emerald cut engagement rings get their name?

These diamonds got their name for their shape, which echoes the classic faceting of emerald gemstones.

What celebrities have emerald cut engagement rings?

Evoking old Hollywood glamour, Art Deco styling and classic shapes, emerald cut diamond rings are popular among celebrities. Notable emerald cut diamond engagement ring wearers include Beyoncé, Paris Hilton, Eva Longoria, Kristen Bell, Amal Clooney and Sofia Richie.

How much are emerald cut engagement rings?

The price of an emerald cut engagement ring depends on the diamond size, quality and the ring setting itself. At Blue Nile, we offer these stylish rings for a wide variety of budgets.

Are these rings popular?

Yes, emerald cut engagement rings are incredibly popular. They offer a classic look that’s always in style.

What designs are available?

Choose from classic solitaire white gold emerald diamond rings, intricate diamond accent settings or Art Deco rings with emerald diamonds and platinum settings. We offer a wide selection of customizable emerald cut engagement rings.

Are the 4Cs important when buying emerald cut diamond rings?

The 4Cs of diamonds include cut, color, clarity and carat. Some diamonds, such as radiant diamonds, are faceted for brilliance. Other diamonds, including the emerald diamonds featured in these stylish rings, are faceted in a step-cut instead. This faceting highlights the unique beauty of diamonds, offering a special glow and look. Because of the special faceting for emerald cut diamond rings, it’s best to focus on diamond clarity above all else.

What are the benefits of emerald cut engagement rings?

Emerald cut diamonds are elongated styles that can flatter any finger. Engagement rings with elongated gems such as emerald cut diamonds, radiant diamonds, oval diamonds, pear diamonds and marquise diamonds are popular choices for any style. In addition to enhancing the look of any wedding ring stack, elongated rings like emerald cut diamond engagement rings are typically priced lower than rings with round diamonds.

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