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Gemstone Engagement Rings

Show off your love of color with a stunning gemstone engagement ring. Shop our array of beautiful gemstone ring options at Blue Nile, whether you’re looking for a vibrant alternative to a traditional diamond center stone or you want to create a ring with gemstones and diamonds. Rich, blue sapphires pair beautifully with icy diamonds, and ruby stones have their own timeless beauty. Shop colorful engagement rings with opals, tanzanite, garnets, emeralds and more.
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Gemstone Engagement Rings

FAQs about Gemstone Engagement Rings

What different gemstone setting styles are there?

Our collection features gemstones in a wide variety of setting styles, including pavé, halo, diamond sidestone, infinity, twist and solitaire.

What gemstones make a good engagement ring?

Gemstone engagement rings are unique and captivating. Start your search with a sapphire or ruby, which both display intense color, or buy a gemstone engagement ring based on the significance or meaning of the stone. Some gemstones are too low on the Mohs hardness scale for everyday wear. These include beryl, quartz stones like emerald and amethyst, and soft stones like moonstone and morganite. Softer gemstone engagement rings should be worn with extra care to prevent damage.

Are matching bands available for gemstone engagement rings?

Because many of our gemstone rings are designed as special occasion or cocktail rings rather than engagement rings, they don't have an exact match wedding band. That being said, there are many different wedding band styles that will coordinate seamlessly with these designs. Colorful gemstone engagement rings are often paired with wedding bands that have similar gems or neutral colors.

What is the most popular engagement ring?

At Blue Nile, our most popular engagement ring is the round brilliant diamond solitaire ring. If you're looking for something less traditional, we suggest exploring designs with different setting styles and diamond shapes.

What are popular birthstone engagement rings?

Some of our most popular birthstone engagement rings include styles with rubies, sapphires or diamonds. We offer a wide selection of colored engagement rings with gemstones of virtually all colors.

Can a gemstone be an engagement ring?

Many gemstones are suited for daily wear in colorful engagement rings. Unique gemstone engagement rings suited for frequent wear include designs with durable gems such as rubies or sapphires. An engagement ring featuring a prominent gemstone offers a nontraditional look.

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