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Solitaire Engagement Rings

Celebrate your love in classic simplicity with a sparkling solitaire engagement ring. The diamond is the star of the show in this timeless design. Solitaire engagement rings are fully customizable—choose your favorite stone shape, metal, and setting to create a heartfelt, handcrafted masterpiece that they'll cherish for a lifetime.

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Solitaire Engagement Rings

FAQs about Solitaire Engagement Rings

What is a solitaire engagement ring?

A solitaire engagement ring is one in which the ring features one stone, most often a diamond solitaire. This solitary stone is set proudly on a metal band without any other stones.

How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

There's an age-old saying that you should spend three months' salary on an engagement ring, but that may not align with your personal budget. Because there are so many factors that go into the price of a ring—such as the metal, stone size, stone quality, and setting—it's easy to find a beautiful engagement ring to fit any budget.

How many carats should an engagement ring be?

Our average customer chooses a center stone of just under one carat, but you can choose any size diamond for an engagement ring. For single stone rings, many people opt for a 1 carat solitaire diamond ring.

What's the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding ring?

An engagement ring is presented during the proposal, and a wedding ring is presented at the wedding itself. Traditionally, the engagement ring features a center stone, and the wedding ring is a band that complements the engagement ring.

What metals are used in solitaire engagement rings?

White gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum are all available for engagement rings. Because of its incredible durability, platinum is the most popular metal option.

What is the most classic engagement ring?

Solitaire settings are considered the most classic engagement ring style. Diamond solitaire rings are the most classic option, with a prominent single stone and a simple shank in gleaming gold or platinum.

Are diamond solitaire rings traditional?

Solitaire engagement rings are some of the most traditional ring styles available. They pair beautifully with complex or simple bands.

Can solitaire rings feature other gemstones?

While the diamond solitaire is the most classic take on this ring, gemstone solitaire rings are rising in popularity. Many gemstone engagement rings are available in solitaire settings.

How are solitaire rings customized?

At Blue Nile, we offer custom solitaire engagement rings to meet every style. Choose the gemstone shape, metal type, setting style, engraving and additional features for a truly custom ring.

Is a solitaire a good engagement ring?

The most classic ring style, solitaires are a wonderful choice for someone who loves this timeless look. These rings pair perfectly with virtually any wedding band and bring prominent focus to the solitary stone.

What diamond cut looks best in solitaire rings?

The popular diamond solitaire ring brings the focus to the sparkling stone. With a simple design, any diamond shape can shine in a solitaire setting. Round brilliant, cushion, oval, emerald and marquise diamonds are some of the most popular diamond shapes for solitaire rings.

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