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Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings

Propose with the unique and captivating beauty of Asscher-cut engagement rings, showcasing a large pavilion with vintage-inspired appeal. The 45-degree angles of the corners provide a dramatic look that's spectacular in any engagement ring setting. Buy Asscher-cut engagement rings at Blue Nile for an easy, custom experience.
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Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

FAQs about Asscher-Cut Engagement Rings

What are Asscher-cut diamond engagement rings?

These are engagement rings showcasing an Asscher-cut center diamond, which features a large pavilion with geometric facets for a captivating look.

What's the difference between an Asscher cut and an emerald cut?

While Asscher-cut diamonds and emerald-cut diamonds feature the same general cut pattern, an Asscher-cut diamond is square in shape, while an emerald-cut is rectangular.

How does an Asscher cut affect clarity?

The large pavilion of an Asscher-cut diamond makes it ideal for showcasing the high clarity grade of a stone. Consider upgrading to a higher clarity grade as you shop for Asscher-cut diamond engagement rings.

What's the difference between an Asscher-shape diamond and a princess-shape diamond?

Both diamond shapes are square, but an Asscher-cut diamond features corners angled at 45 degrees, while a princess-cut diamond showcases sharp corners at a 90-degree angle. An Asscher cut is strikingly geometric and showcases a diamond’s depth and clarity. A princess cut is a square interpretation of a classic brilliant cut and maximizes a diamond’s sparkle and light return.

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