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A cushion cut aquamarine engagement ring set up twisted diamond pave white gold setting

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Guide

With its majestic luminosity and alluring, oceanic hues, aquamarine evokes the magical beauty of the sea. It is believed that aquamarine encompasses the essence of the ocean from the serenity of calmer currents to the exhilaration of higher tides. In fact, its name is derived from the two Latin words, aqua marinus which translates to “water of the sea.”

History & Mythology of Aquamarine

According to mystical legends, aquamarine originated from the underwater treasure chests of sea sirens. Ancient mariners would wear aquamarine talismans to protect them as they voyaged across tumultuous waters. Also associated with peace and harmony, aquamarine is believed to heal broken hearts, deepen the connection between lovers and cultivate happiness in marriage.
A large cushion cut aquamarine engagement ring in white gold
Rob Lavinsky, iRocks.com – CC-BY-SA-3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0
via Wikimedia Commons / Cropped from original 

Mineral: Beryl 

Origins: Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, China 

Symbols: Calm, Healing 

Properties: Creativity, Joy Durability: 7.5 to 8.0 


Heated to improve color and clarity 


Basic Gemstone Care 



An aquamarine gemstone in unpolished crystal form

What Does an Aquamarine Engagement Ring Symbolize?

A stone of trust and truth, aquamarine is deemed to foster wisdom in its wearers, helping them discover inner truth and cleanse negative feelings with its reflective qualities. With its stunning iridescent and aquatic tones, aquamarine is both a timeless classic and trendy option for modern brides, making it a sublime choice for an engagement ring. The official birthstone for the month of March, the exquisite aquamarine marks a 19th anniversary. 


What to Look for in an Aquamarine Engagement Ring

With its shimmering, blue hues and captivating sparkle, your ideal aquamarine engagement ring also makes a perfect “something” blue.” As you browse aquamarine engagement rings to find your “forever ring,” here are some characteristics to note.


The color of a gemstone is a key factor to consider when purchasing an engagement ring. The gorgeous aquamarine is known for its signature blues ranging from deep blue, to cyan blue and greenish blue tones. Aquamarines that feature rich and intensely saturated depth of color are more highly prized than just as beautiful, pastel variations that tend to be more modest in price. As aquamarine is a lighter-colored stone, any imperfections that are present may be more visible, so look for stones without any inclusions that can be seen by the naked eye. 


The cut of a gemstone is key to showcasing its luster and depth of color. When purchasing an aquamarine engagement ring, look for a cut graded as excellent, featuring consistency of color and shine throughout the stone without any dull or washed out areas. Deeper cuts such as Barion and emerald cuts will help enhance the stone’s sparkle. Lower crown settings elevate aquamarine’s luminosity, while higher crowns amplify the intensity of its rich color. 


The gemstone’s shape (in other words, the stone’s outline) is integral to revealing its exquisite radiance. While aquamarine will be sublime in a variety of shapes, emerald cuts, round or oval brilliants are popular, helping to maximize the stone’s beauty and luminosity. 


With its alluring and ethereal shimmer, aquamarine will play beautifully against a variety of metal settings. Icy blue variations of aquamarine will be gorgeously enhanced by the cooler tones of white gold or silver for a modern and sophisticated look. Yellow gold with its warmer hues will be ideal with aquamarines that feature more greenish blue hues, helping enrich the color’s vibrancy. For a uniquely feminine style, rose gold with its dreamy pink hues creates a mesmerizing, romantic glow against radiant aquamarine.


With a rating between 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale, aquamarine is relatively resilient and hard-wearing as compared to many other gemstones, and is therefore suitable for everyday wear. A fine choice for an engagement ring, it is still crucial that you treat your aquamarine gemstone with love and care to ensure it maintains its glorious luster for decades to come.
The Moh's hardness scale showing opal at 5, emerald at 7.5, topaz at 8, ruby at 9, and diamond at 10


The stone’s setting is crucial to keeping it secured safely in place, while maximizing its distinctive beauty. Open-back settings such as prong or “invisible” settings are popular for aquamarine, helping it stay safely secured while allowing more light to enter the stone, creating a captivating shine when viewed at any angle. If you seek a more protective setting, a tension setting will help support the stone, while enabling more light to enter and enriching its brilliance.

Accent Diamonds or Gemstones

Accent designs will highlight your personal style while elevating the sumptuous beauty of your aquamarine engagement ring. For added dazzle, a halo surrounding an aquamarine centerpiece will stunningly enhance its shimmer for a look of timeless elegance. 

 To boost the stone’s sparkle further, consider a second halo and add a pavé diamond band for a glimmering, regal statement piece. For a touch of vintage style, milgrain accents will create a look of nostalgic charm that hopeless romantics will adore. 

 For an alluring play of light and color, try colored stone accents to heighten the beauty of your aquamarine engagement ring. Lush morganite with its rosy, dreamy glow will create an exquisite look accompanied by luminous aquamarine. For a touch of drama, rhodolite with its siren red hues will be beguiling against iridescent aquamarine. Tanzanite accents on either side of a gleaming aquamarine centerpiece will enhance its majesty with their complementary, icy blue hues. 



What style of aquamarine engagement ring captures your heart? Create an exquisite expression of love that speaks to your personal style. 

 For brides who favor a look of sophisticated elegance, an aquamarine solitaire center stone is simply breathtaking set on a pavé diamond band. An emerald cut aquamarine centerpiece creates a regal look when accompanied by shimmering diamond accents on either side set on a glimmering white gold band. 

 For bold brides, a stunning pear shaped aquamarine glowing from the center of a double halo creates an eye-catching look that will dazzle any room you enter. For bohemian or eclectic brides, a glistening aquamarine surrounded by a celestial, star shaped diamond halo set on a yellow gold band will highlight its mesmerizing quality. 

 Romantic brides will fall in love with a shimmering round aquamarine center stone enhanced by vintage-style milgrain accents with a filigree rose gold band.

Aquamarine Engagement Ring Buying Tips

A profoundly meaningful purchase you will treasure forever, an engagement ring is an exquisite representation of the unique and special love between you and your partner. As you search for your perfect engagement ring, here are some characteristics to keep in mind.

Know Your Budget - It is critical that you set your budget prior to making your purchase to ensure that you find a price comfortable for you. Note that more richly saturated variations of aquamarine are higher valued and pricier than just as brilliant, more translucent colored forms of aquamarine.
Know Your Ring Size - An engagement ring is a precious token that you will wear forever, so it is crucial that you determine your ring size before you shop to ensure that your ring will fit you comfortably.
Understand the Care Your Aquamarine Needs - Every gemstone needs proper care and cleaning. While aquamarine is a relatively more durable gemstone, it is still critical to treat your aquamarine ring with love and care to protect it from potential damage and help ensure it maintains its exquisite shine for years to come.
Consider Personalizing Your Ring - Capture your dream look while elevating the allure of your aquamarine engagement ring with personalizations such as an engraving, gemstone accents or a unique, mixed metal-band that speaks to your personal style.
Choose a Reputable Retailer - It is imperative that you choose a trustworthy retailer, offering the highest quality selection of gemstones. Indications of reputable retailers are in-depth product description and a fair return policy.    

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