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Cuban Chains

Cuban link chains are iconic pieces of jewelry characterized by their distinctly oval-shaped interconnected links. Versatile and timeless—each link of our weighty Cuban chains is crafted in high quality yellow gold and made to last. Find the perfect Cuban necklace for standout styles.
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Cuban Link Chain

FAQs about Cuban Chains

How much is a Cuban link chain?

The cost of a Cuban necklace will depend on its gold weight, its design complexity and the current value of gold.

What is a Cuban link chain?

A Cuban link chain is a variation on the cable chain. This style features round or oval links that intersect in a repeating rope pattern. Cuban chain links are identified by their straightforward profile with classic shapes. This jewelry style is popular for all genders, with many men opting for a single Cuban necklace as their signature jewelry piece.

How can I fix a broken Cuban link chain?

A broken link in your Cuban chain can often be repaired at home using a pair of pliers to bend the link back in place. If you are unable to repair the link with pliers, take the chain to your local jeweler for repair.

Are Cuban link gold chains popular?

The Cuban necklace has been a popular style for decades, bringing standout silhouettes to any jewelry look.

Can you stack Cuban necklaces with other jewelry?

Cuban necklaces are perfect for stacking with other jewelry styles. For a classic look, pair your Cuban link necklace with other gold necklaces.

Is this jewelry a good choice for frequent wear?

Heavy weight and solid gold construction make Cuban chain link jewelry perfect for daily wear. To keep your necklace in great shape, be sure to keep it away from chemicals and lotions. If your Cuban necklace gets wet, ensure the jewelry is thoroughly dried.

What is special about Cuban chains?

Classic styles, clean design and straightforward patterns make Cuban chains a standout jewelry choice. They're wonderful on their own or layered with other pieces.

How do you clean this jewelry?

A few passes with a jewelry polishing cloth can restore the shine of Cuban chain link jewelry. For a deeper clean, use a professional jewelry cleaning solution.

What is the history of Cuban link necklaces?

These stylish chain patterns are often linked to Miami, where many Cuban communities live. Cuban chain necklaces grew in popularity as hip-hop brought this style to the mainstream in the 1970s and 1980s. Since then, Cuban chains have been symbols of style, success and even wealth. Their heavy gold content makes them a wearable investment piece.

What styles are available?

Our Cuban necklaces are available in a variety of thicknesses and chain patterns. They come in durable 14k gold with 22" as the most common length.

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