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Pear Shaped Diamonds

The pear cut, with its teardrop shape, creates a subtle slimming effect on your finger. Unlike round, the cut isn't standardized so you can choose the proportions that you like best.
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Pear Shaped Diamonds

FAQs about Pear Shaped Diamonds

Are pear shaped diamonds more expensive?

57 facets give pear cuts a similar brilliance and sparkle to round diamonds with the drama of a marquise diamond for around 10-30% less than their equivalents. They not only look large, they actually are 8% larger on the top surface than a round.

Do pear shaped diamonds show more color?

Diamond color refers to how colorless a diamond is. Certain diamond shapes may show more color than other ones due to their faceting and profiles. The pear's point can show color, so we recommend D-F color grades. As carat size increases it further accentuates the possibility of color in the point.

Which ring styles work best with pear shaped diamonds?

A pear-cut diamond's unique shape is perfect for solitaire engagement ring settings. Diamond pavé-set bands and hidden halo engagement rings also complement this eye-catching shape.

Are pear shaped diamonds out of style?

Pear shaped diamonds are most definitely "in style." In fact the fashion Mecca of New York leads in orders of on-trend, pear shaped diamonds for engagement rings and fine jewelry.

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