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Diamond Bracelets

Treat yourself or a loved one to the classic brilliance of a diamond bracelet. Discover dainty diamond bracelets for women, timeless designs for men and bracelet styles everyone will enjoy. Our collection includes bracelets with lab grown or natural diamonds in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Set in gold or platinum, our diamond bracelets for women and men are sure to turn heads.
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FAQs about Diamond Bracelets

Are diamond tennis bracelets still in style?

Diamond tennis bracelets are an enduring piece of jewelry, with fashion icons ranging from the graceful Jackie Kennedy to modern influencers like Kendall Jenner electing for this accessory. Platinum diamond bracelets and 18k gold diamond bracelets are traditional selections with endless wearability.

What kind of diamond bracelets are in style?

Diamond bracelets for women and men are fast-rising in fashion. Tennis bracelets and diamond-accent chain bracelets are versatile pieces that can be worn for special events and celebratory occasions. For women, trendy styles include cuff bracelets and elegant bangles layered with more muted bands in platinum or gold.

Diamond bracelets are also popular pieces of men’s jewelry. Some of the most requested men’s diamond bracelets include gold chains with diamond accents, styles with a bar of diamonds that sits at the front of the wrist and Cuban chain patterns adorned with diamonds on every bracelet link.

How much should a diamond bracelet cost?

The cost of a diamond bracelet varies greatly depending on the precious metal it's made with and the size, quality and quantity of diamonds it holds. Chic and simple 14k gold diamond bracelets can cost less than a thousand dollars, while more lavish platinum diamond bracelets can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The type of diamonds and their 4Cs ratings will also impact the price of diamond bracelets for women and men. For example, a bangle with lab made diamonds will typically cost less than a tennis bracelet with natural diamonds. Bracelets with higher-quality diamonds, such as diamonds with greater clarity or higher carat weights, will cost more than lesser-quality diamond bracelets. We offer a wide range of styles and designs to fit any budget and tastes. 

The amount you spend on a diamond bracelet should take your style, budget and purpose for the purchase into account.  

What should  I look for when buying a diamond tennis bracelet?

When shopping for a diamond bracelet, you should first determine your price range. This will help you select your metal type and narrow down your search.  

Next, consider your desired effect. If you're hoping for a piece with real star power, look closely at the clarity, color and cut of the diamonds in the bracelet—the higher quality of a cut a diamond has, the better it will reflect light and truly dazzle. If you're looking for a wear-everywhere bracelet, smaller diamonds with fewer cuts may better suit your needs. 

You can visit our guide to bracelets to learn more about what to keep in mind when buying this stylish jewelry.  

How can I tell if diamond bracelets are real?

Authentic men's and women’s diamond bracelets will typically be set in precious metals such as gold and platinum. The diamonds will show an internal brilliance and should sparkle in many lighting conditions.

Buying from jewelers you trust is the best way to ensure you’re getting an authentic diamond bracelet.  

Can I wear a diamond bracelet every day?

Gold and platinum diamond bracelets for women and men are perfect pieces for daily wear. Diamonds are tougher than many other gemstones, making them excellent for frequent wear.

How should this jewelry fit?

A diamond chain bracelet will fit tighter than a diamond bangle. Chain bracelets with diamonds should fit relatively snug, with the width of one finger fitting between the bracelet and your wrist. Bangles, on the other hand, typically require a looser fit to accommodate sliding the jewelry over your hand.

Are bracelets with diamonds good gifts?

Diamond bangles, tennis styles and chain bracelets are excellent gifts for virtually any occasion. These timeless pieces will bring lasting sparkle for years to come.

How do you style diamond bracelets?

This stylish jewelry can be worn on its own or as part of a complete bracelet stack, all depending on your style. Generally, larger diamond bangles are worn on their own, while thinner tennis bracelets can be stacked alongside gold bracelets or other designs.

What is the best way to clean this jewelry?

You can restore the sparkle of your diamond bracelet by cleaning it with a specialized cleaning solution or a mix of warm water and gentle soap. Be sure to thoroughly dry your jewelry after cleaning it. Polishing cloths can help restore shine for gold and platinum bracelets with diamonds.

Should I choose natural or lab grown diamonds?

Both natural and lab diamonds offer unique brilliance for bracelets and all types of diamond jewelry. There are some differences between natural and lab diamonds to keep in mind that can help you make the best decision for your budget, style and gemstone priorities.

Can I shower with a diamond bracelet?

While diamond bracelets made from solid gold and platinum can get wet without getting damaged, it’s best to avoid wearing your jewelry in the shower. Soaps can get stuck in settings and make diamonds look cloudy, and some shower products may not be best for the longevity of your jewelry's metals.

What wrist do you wear a diamond bracelet on?

People can wear bracelets on either wrist, it’s all about personal preference. In general, people tend to wear their diamond bracelets on the wrist of their non-dominant hand. So if you’re right-handed, you’d wear your diamond bracelet on your left wrist and vice versa for left-handed people.

Should I remove my diamond bracelet before sleeping?

It's best to remove diamond bracelets for women and men before sleeping. This prevents prongs from getting caught on bedding and other unintentional damage.

Which metal is best for diamond bracelets?

The best metal for diamond bracelets is a matter of personal preference. Some people love the glow offered by rose gold or yellow gold diamond bracelets, while other people prefer the cool colors of white gold and platinum diamond bracelets. Style and budget play the biggest role in helping you choose which metal type is the best fit for men’s and women’s diamond bracelets.

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