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Men's Titanium Wedding Rings

Men's titanium wedding bands are a unique and enduring choice for symbolizing a lifetime commitment. Our bold black titanium rings combine dark titanium with silky satin gold, classic gray tungsten or sleek tantalum. Fantastic durability and simple, striking styles make men's titanium rings a perfect choice for wedding bands.
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Men's Titanium Wedding Bands

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FAQs about Men's Titanium Wedding Rings

Which is better, tungsten or titanium?

Tungsten and titanium are exceptionally durable metals that each offer a lot to love. Both are resistant to tarnishing, hypoallergenic and available in light and dark hues. Tungsten has a substantial weighted feel, while men's titanium wedding bands are known for their incredible lightness. Titanium is the softer of the two and more prone to scratches, but our professional polishing will restore it to its original beauty. The better metal is ultimately the one that has the look and feel that appeals to you most.

Is titanium better than platinum?

Platinum is another popular metal for men's wedding rings, and it is the strongest of the precious metals used in fine jewelry. It has a lustrous white sheen and a high purity that also makes it hypoallergenic. As both platinum and titanium can last a lifetime with the proper care, your best bet is to pick a metal and a ring design you know you will cherish.

Is titanium a good metal for men’s wedding bands?

Yes, titanium is an excellent metal for men’s wedding bands. Titanium is an incredibly light yet durable metal, making it a sturdy choice for everyday wear. Men’s titanium wedding rings are a great fit for men who are very active or work with their hands.

Are titanium rings for men inexpensive?

When compared to other metals such as platinum or gold, titanium is a more affordable option. Our titanium wedding bands start at just over $500 and increase in price with the addition of precious metals.

What colors do men’s titanium wedding bands come in?

Titanium is known for its deep shining colors. We offer black titanium rings that are perfect for men in search of a unique band. For a more ornate ring style, titanium can be combined with white gold or yellow gold, creating a two-tone men’s titanium wedding ring.

What styles are most popular for men’s titanium wedding bands?

Titanium wedding bands are an increasingly popular wedding ring option. Our most-ordered men’s titanium bands are ones that bring the metal’s straightforward style center stage. This includes plain bands of titanium mixed with white gold, yellow gold or tantalum.

Can you shower with a titanium ring?

Yes, titanium wedding rings can safely be worn in the shower. Titanium rings do not react to water so they can get wet without being damaged.

Are titanium wedding bands for men hypoallergenic?

Titanium rings do not contain common skin irritants, making them a great choice for the man in search of a hypoallergenic ring.

What are the pros and cons of titanium rings for men?

When it comes to men’s titanium wedding bands, the pros far outweigh the cons. Pros of men’s titanium wedding rings include the lower price point of this ring type versus other metals. Titanium wedding bands for men are hypoallergenic, lightweight and durable against water damage. These rings are durable for daily wear and will last a lifetime. There are some cons of men’s titanium band rings to consider. These rings are tougher to resize than other metals, so it’s recommended to accurately measure ring size before purchasing a titanium men’s wedding ring. The matte black luster of titanium also means that these rings don’t shine like other metals, but the matte look of men’s titanium wedding bands is part of their draw for many wearers.

Will titanium wedding bands turn your finger green?

No, titanium wedding rings will not turn your finger green. These rings do not react with water.

What is the history of titanium in men’s rings?

Named for the Titans, mythical Greek gods, titanium was discovered in 1791. Titanium wasn't able to be extracted on an industrial scale until the 1930s. It then found its way into popular jewelry styles starting in the 1990s. Since then, titanium rings have continued to grow in popularity.

Do men’s titanium wedding rings scratch easily?

Titanium rings can form scratches over time, but they are not particularly easy to scratch. Luckily, many scratches in men’s titanium wedding bands can be easily buffed out.

Are there unisex titanium wedding bands available?

Our titanium wedding bands, though most popular among men, can also be worn by women.

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