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Diamond Sidestone Engagement Rings

Add extra sparkle and visual allure to your engagement ring by shopping the selection of diamond sidestone engagement rings from Blue Nile. Engagement rings with diamond sidestones are gorgeous and unique. Whichever stones or design you choose for your diamond sidestone ring, it will feature a center stone flanked by smaller stones, which can be in a prong, pave, or channel setting. Start by shopping for the center stone, and then complete the look with sidestone selections.
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Diamond Sidestone Engagement Rings

FAQs about Diamond Sidestone Engagement Rings

What are side stones?

Sidestones are small diamonds or gemstones that are featured beside a larger center diamond or gemstone to enhance the look of the ring.

What's the difference between carat weight and carat total weight (CTTW)?

Carat weight refers to the weight of the center diamond. Carat total weight is a combined weight of all the diamonds included in an engagement ring. Both play an important role in the final price of an engagement ring.

How are sidestones set?

Different rings feature sidestones in different ways, such as prong-set, channel-set, or pavé-set.

What diamond shapes look best with sidestones?

Sidestones offer added shimmer and brilliance to the look of any diamond shape. Round diamonds are the most popular, but Asscher, emerald, pear, and other fancy-cut diamonds look chic with sidestones, as well.

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