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Gemstone Bracelets

Natural gemstone bracelets come in every color of the rainbow, from deep sea sapphires to elegant emeralds. White gold gemstone bracelets are awe-striking when stacked and yellow gold gemstone bracelets create a warm glow wherever you go. With an endless selection of stones, sizes and shapes, there's always a hue for you.
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Gemstone Bracelets

FAQs about Gemstone Bracelets

What gemstone bracelet is best?

All gemstone bracelets are a brilliant choice for expressing yourself, and which is the best will depend on your personal style and the occasion. Gemstone rope bracelets make a bold statement when you're feeling glamorous, while multicolor gemstone bracelets pair well with a whimsical mood. Your ideal gemstone bracelet can feature striking stones delicately set on a chain or an infinity of oval-cut beauties—the decision is yours.

Can gemstone bracelets be worn every day?

Gemstone bracelets are splashy accessories that can be worn every day. Their rich hues add vibrancy to each ensemble, inviting you to add them to your look whenever you please. Rubies, sapphires and aquamarines are among the most durable stones that fit flawlessly into your regular routine and can withstand daily activities. While some stones, like garnet and peridot, are slightly softer, they are still suitable for everyday wear with a little extra care.

What gemstones are best for bracelets?

Some of the best gemstones for bracelets are aquamarines, emeralds and amethysts as they are some of the most durable gemstones. However, the right gemstone for your bracelet will depend on your activity level, style and budget. Blue topaz, peridots and garnets are three gemstones that offer more affordable styling, while rubies and sapphires are intensely durable stones that are up to daily wear.

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