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Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Combining the best of modern looks and classic diamond cuts, oval diamond engagement rings offer iconic glamour. Elongated oval cut diamond rings instantly flatter with brilliant sparkle. Set in a halo, along a unique twist band or as an oval solitaire engagement ring, oval diamond rings bring beautiful style. Explore our handcrafted settings, certified diamonds and wide selection of oval cut engagement rings.
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Oval Cut Engagement Rings

FAQs about Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Do oval-cut engagement rings appear larger than round engagement rings?

An oval cut diamond of equal carat weight will appear larger than a round cut diamond because of the oblong design. This diamond size chart shows a comparison of all the different cuts at equal carat weights.

Are oval-style engagement rings popular?

Though they’re not as popular as engagement rings with round diamonds, oval diamond rings are still a leading choice for engagement and wedding styles. They offer a flattering, elongated diamond shape along with affordable pricing and timeless allure.

Engagement rings with round diamonds account for 75% of all engagement rings sold at Blue Nile. All other diamond shapes are considered fancy-cut diamonds and provide unique alternatives to more classic engagement ring styles. Fancy-cut diamonds, such as oval-shaped diamonds, are continuing to grow in popularity. 

Are oval-cut engagement rings more expensive than round engagement rings?

Oval engagement rings are typically less expensive than round engagement rings. An oval cut diamond ring can be up to 25% less expensive than a round ring of the same weight and quality. For example, a 2 carat oval diamond ring will typically cost less than a 2 carat round brilliant ring.

Are all oval-cut diamonds the same shape?

No. Some oval-cut diamonds are short and wide, while other oval-shaped diamonds are long and skinny. As you shop for oval-cut center diamonds, pay attention to the length-to-width ratio. A ratio of 1.2 will appear rounder, while a ratio of 1.5 will appear thinner and longer.

The different shapes and ratios featured in oval diamond engagement rings all bring their own benefits and considerations. Some people prefer slenderer elongated oval cut engagement rings, while other people prefer oval diamonds that are a little rounder. The exact oval diamond you choose should be a matter of personal preference, as all our oval diamonds at Blue Nile offer excellent brilliance and value.  

What kind of band goes with an oval engagement ring?

The elongated shape of oval cut engagement rings makes them perfect for pairing with many different types of wedding rings. For a gap-free look, opt for a curved band or rings that sit below the oval diamond ring. Some beautiful pairings for an oval engagement ring with wedding bands include solitaire ovals and eternity wedding bands. Oval halo diamond rings pair beautifully with simple bands or stacking sets.

What metals are best for oval diamond rings?

The sophisticated oval cut diamond sits beautifully in many metal types. Choose from platinum, yellow, white or rose gold oval engagement rings.

How much does an oval diamond ring cost?

Oval cut rings vary in price depending on the metal, setting type and any additional features of the ring. The more complex the ring, the more expensive it will be. Luckily, oval-shaped diamonds can cost up to 25% less than other shapes.

How can other rings be stacked with an oval solitaire engagement ring?

Oval-shaped diamond engagement rings are ideal for stacking with many types of bands. Higher-set stones can be easily stacked over thin bands. Ring jackets also pair wonderfully with an oval diamond ring.

What does an oval engagement ring mean?

The unique shape of oval-shaped diamonds makes them an excellent choice for creative and classic wearers. Like all engagement rings, an oval cut diamond ring represents an everlasting promise and love.

Is an oval diamond less expensive than a round?

Yes, on average an oval cut diamond ring is less expensive than a round brilliant stone of the same carat and GIA grade. Oval diamond rings can be up to 25% less expensive than round ones.

Will an oval engagement ring stay in style?

Since the late 1950s, oval cut diamond rings have been a stylish choice. Today, these rings are growing in popularity. Luckily, the brilliance, elegance and timelessness of oval cut engagement rings will keep them in style.

Which of the 4Cs are important for oval rings?

Cut and color are two of the most important 4Cs for oval engagement rings. A high cut grade will help ensure the stone is as brilliant as possible, while a well-graded color gives an icy sparkle. Some fancy-shaped diamonds with larger tables may display color more strongly, especially in larger sizes. This is why it’s important to focus on quality color for larger 2 carat oval diamond rings.

What is an oval diamond ring?

These rings feature a prominent diamond in the iconic oval shape. They can be solitaire, halo, two-stone or even multi-stone designs, but they will all feature an oval diamond as the main gem in the ring.

Are there any extra considerations to keep in mind when shopping for oval diamond engagement rings?

Engagement rings with oval diamonds are an excellent design choice, combining style with affordability. When shopping for these rings, pay special attention to the cut and color of your oval diamond to choose the best fit.   

What kind of cut is used for oval diamond wedding rings and engagement styles?

The oval cut used for these popular rings is a modification of the classic round brilliant cut. Oval cut diamonds are often considered an elongated version of the round diamond, bringing iconic brilliant faceting but in a longer shape.

Can these rings be customized?

Yes, we offer both preset and custom oval diamond rings at Blue Nile. Choose the exact setting, diamond, engraving and other details to create the perfect ring for yourself or a loved one. We offer oval shaped engagement rings in solitaire styles, halos, toi et moi ring designs and even men’s engagement rings.

Are ethical diamonds available?

At Blue Nile, we only offer ethical diamonds. Choose from natural oval diamonds or lab made diamonds in this popular shape.

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