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Gold Bracelets

Get a little glimmer with gold bracelets in 14k and 18k designs. Our solid gold bracelets are the perfect accessory or classic gift. Explore our selection of white, rose and yellow gold bracelets for women and men. Choose from solid gold chain bracelets, bangles, designs with diamonds and gemstone styles in high-quality gold. Perfect for daily wear, a gold bracelet is an effortless jewelry staple.
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Gold Bracelets

FAQs about Gold Bracelets

What kind of gold bracelets are in style?

Incredibly versatile and easy to wear, gold bracelets are available in a wide variety of styles. Choose from classic plain gold chain bracelets or find a trendy take on gold bracelet designs with styles featuring charms and gemstones

Gold bracelets that are in style today are all about subtle but eye-catching designs. Chain bracelets with charming embellishments like polished hearts or a mini diamond bar are a great way to uplift your everyday look. Stationed bracelets set with precious gemstones and delicate pearls have a fun appeal and are equally versatile for easy wear. Classic diamond tennis bracelets in a white gold setting never go out of style and are a dreamy choice for special occasions.

How much is a 14k gold bracelet?

We offer solid 14k gold bracelets for a variety of styles and budgets. Simple metal only designs or gold bracelets with lab diamonds are surprisingly affordable, starting at just a few hundred dollars. 14k gold bracelets with natural diamonds, heavy gold content and more complex designs will cost more.

14k gold bracelets are available to suit every budget and style preference, including pure gold bangles and link bracelets. Typically, 14k men’s gold bracelets will be thicker than women’s gold bracelets, resulting in higher prices for these styles. Still, there are many solid gold bracelets available for a wide range of budgets in both women’s and men’s jewelry.

What kind of gold is best for bracelets?

Most of our gold bracelets come in your choice of 14k or 18k gold. 14k gold offers an excellent balance of price and wearability, as it is durable for daily wear. 18k gold bracelets are a popular choice for special occasions and a more buttery gold tone for yellow gold bracelets. Solid 18k and 14k gold bracelets are the best options for frequent wear.

Though gold plated bracelets are available from some jewelers, they are not nearly as durable as bracelets from solid gold. At Blue Nile, we only offer solid gold bracelets in 14k or 18k.  

How much are 18k gold bracelets?

18k gold bracelets for women and men will cost more than their 14k counterparts as there is more gold present in an 18k piece. 18k gold bracelets often contain precious gemstones or higher percentages of gold and can fetch prices in the thousands. For example, an 18k gold bracelet in a thick chain design will have a higher price than a thinner 14k gold bracelet.

We offer 18k gold bracelets for any budget, including more minimalist designs for lower prices than complex or gemstone-heavy styles.  

Which wrist do you wear this jewelry on?

Most gold bracelets for women and men are worn on the wearer’s wrist of their non-dominant hand. So if you’re wearing a gold bracelet and you’re right-handed, you’d wear the bracelet on your left wrist.

Can you stack with other jewelry?

Men's and women’s gold bracelets are perfect for stacking! They can be stacked with watches, gemstone-packed bracelets or any other style you’d like. For a monochromatic look, consider stacking similar gold colors together such as wearing all yellow gold bracelets. For more tips on how to stack gold bracelets, visit our bracelet stacking guide.

How are men’s styles worn?

Men’s gold bracelets are generally thicker than women’s styles and are typically worn on their own without other bracelets. They often feature a single chain without any charms and are a little longer than women’s bracelets in gold. Of course, there are no set rules, and you can wear as many gold chain bracelets as you’d like.

What types of gold are available in bracelet styles?

You can choose from yellow, rose and white gold bracelets.

Why do babies wear gold bracelets?

In many cultures and religions, gold bracelets are given to babies to symbolize rites or milestones. Some cultures also believe that this jewelry will protect babies from harm and bring good fortune.

Can gold bracelets for women and men feature gemstones?

While plain gold bracelets are a popular choice, styles with gemstones such as diamonds are also in-demand.

What chain styles are available?

Chain bracelets in gold come in a variety of patterns and interlinking designs. Choose from bead, cable, Cuban, rolo, rope, Venetian, box or wheat chain styles in glimmering gold.

Is wearing gold bracelets good luck?

Many cultures believe that wearing a gold bracelet brings good luck.

Can bracelets made of gold be worn every day?

Yes, gold bracelets are incredibly durable and can be worn daily.

What's the best way to care for this jewelry?

Your gold bracelet is incredibly durable, but it may need a little care from time to time. Avoid harsh chemicals or lotions as these can ruin the appearance of your jewelry. Remove gold bracelets whenever you’re swimming, as saltwater and even chlorine can be harmful to this precious metal. When it’s time to clean your jewelry, use a cleaning liquid to remove any buildup. A polishing cloth can bring your jewelry back to its original shine.

What is the fineness of gold and what does this mean for wearing bracelets?

The “k” stamp on gold jewelry refers to its fineness which is denoted by a karat value. Karat is different from carat, where carat describes the weight of a diamond and karat describes the amount of gold in a piece of jewelry.

Because pure gold is too soft to be worn on its own, it’s combined with other metals to enhance its strength. This is called alloying. The percentage of gold in a piece of jewelry will be identified by its karat stamp, with higher numbers indicating a higher percentage of gold. For example, a 14k gold bracelet will have less gold than an 18k gold bracelet. Both are still solid gold bracelets because they do not have any plating or base metals, but instead have alloyed gold throughout. 

When it comes to wearing gold bracelets, the fineness of a bracelet can help improve its durability. 14k gold bracelets are popular for frequent wear as they strike the perfect balance between the beauty of gold and the durability of additional alloys. You can learn more about gold to discover what makes 14k and 18k bracelets excellent choices.  

Is a 14k gold bracelet or 18k bracelet a better choice?

Both 14k and 18k gold bracelets offer impressive style and durability. The “better” choice is the one that matches your budget and style preferences. Typically, 18k gold bracelets will have a slightly richer color, but 14k gold bracelets offer a little more strength.

An 18k gold bracelet is considered a style for special occasions and a 14k gold bracelet is more of an everyday fineness.  

How frequently can gold bracelets be worn?

Our durable 18k and 14k gold bracelets can be worn daily.

How much are gold bracelets?

We offer solid gold bracelets for many different budgets and styles. Choose from affordable minimalistic plain gold chain bracelets, intricate gold tennis styles and rich gold bracelets with high-quality gemstones.

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