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A floral, vintage-inspired May birthstone pendant with round emerald center framed in diamond micropavé petals set in yellow gold and suspended from matching cable chain

May Birthstone: Emerald

The vibrant emerald is an undeniably beautiful gemstone that serves as the birthstone for May. This stunning green gem reflects the freshness and newness of springtime. Emeralds are a variant of the diverse mineral beryl and can range in color from yellow-green to blue-green. Every hue makes a striking statement when set in birthstone jewelry.

Beloved Gemstone of Antiquity

Emerald has a long and storied history that contributes to its unique symbolism. It was first mined as early as 330 BC in Egypt, where it adorned pharaohs. Roman author and naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote that ""nothing greens greener"" and that looking at an emerald was restorative for the eyes. Across the globe, Inca emperors were also enchanted by the emerald's vivid color.
Zoomed in for detail of a May birthstone bracelet of brilliant cut emeralds framed in diamond halos set in white gold

Emerald's Birthstone History

When the practice of wearing birthstones arose in the 16th century, both emerald and agate were associated with the month of May. In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers created the list of modern gemstones and chose emerald as the sole May birthstone. With it's bewitching green hues, the emerald birthstone makes a natural pair with the spring month. 

The Spirit of Growth and Renewal 

The ancient Egyptians associated the emerald with fertility and rebirth, and it also symbolizes growth and renewal today. According to lore, emeralds have the power to increase the wearer's wit and intelligence and help them speak more eloquently. Some consider the emerald to be a symbol of luck, love, truth and faithfulness.

Gifting Inspiration for the May Birthstone

Birthstone jewelry is a gorgeous gift that showcases how much someone means to you. Gifting an emerald is perfect for those born in May or as a special present to celebrate memorable occasions.


Emeralds have symbolic connections to love and commitment, so they’re a popular gemstone for couples looking for an alternative to diamonds. Our dazzling emerald engagement rings come set in a variety of metal bands as solitaire styles or accented by sparkling diamonds for an ornate style that puts your love on bold display.
A three stone emerald engagement ring of the May birthstone centered between two round-cut diamonds on either side set in white gold


If a friend or family member has a May birthday, make it an extra-special occasion with a pair of emerald earrings. There are many types of earrings to choose from, including sophisticated studs, chic drop earrings, fancy hoop earrings and more.
May birthstones featured in an alternating emerald and diamond huggie hoop earring in white gold


For a Mother's Day gift that tells mom she's appreciated, an elegant emerald will say it all. Consider a luxurious green emerald necklace set with multiple stones or a timeless emerald pendant that places focus on a single alluring gem.
A birthstone pendant of an east-west-set emerald baguette topped with a round diamond suspended from a yellow gold chain


Graduations, promotions, wedding anniversaries and other important milestones deserve to be commemorated with a thoughtful gift. An exquisite gift of an emerald bracelet will make a cherished keepsake for the person you care about.
A emerald birthstone bracelet showcasing a round brilliant-cut gemstone centered in a diamond pavé bar decorating a white gold chain

Keep Your Emerald Jewelry Looking Beautiful for a Lifetime

• Proper gemstone cleaning will maintain the shine and luster of your precious emerald birthstone jewelry.

• Emerald is safe to clean with warm, soapy water, a soft-bristled toothbrush and a gentle scrubbing motion. 

• When worn with care, emerald jewelry can be worn for both special occasions and everyday attire. 

• When not being worn, store your pieces in a felt-lined jewelry box to protect them for years to come. 

• Over time, any jewelry will need professional cleaning and care. We provide free cleaning and repair services    that will have your emerald jewelry expertly restored.

Learn More About Gemstones

Emerald birthstone jewelry is always a wonderful choice, whether you’re looking for yourself or for a gift for someone else. Learn about other gemstones to find even more fine jewelry options that suit your tastes.

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