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Custom Engagement Ring

How to Design a Custom Engagement Ring

Creating a beautiful handcrafted ring is exciting—and yet, it can also feel daunting. To help you kickstart your search, our Chief Merchandising Officer Katie highlights the major style decisions that make the design process simple, successful and fun. 
The result? A sparkling one-of-a-kind piece that your 
partner will love.

1. Find your perfect ring setting


“Start with an overview of engagement ring settings. Once you find two or three categories that reflect your partner’s style it’s easier to focus and find the perfect ring.”
Hand-drawn illustration of a woman's hand wearing a sparkling engagement ring.

2. Consider fancy (non-round) diamond shapes to change-up your ring's personality. KATIE SAYS:  “Try playing with different diamond shapes. It's amazing how different the same setting can look simply by changing the center stone.”

Hand-drawn illustration of a solitaire engagement ring sparkling.

3. Feeling stumped? Think about your partner’s personality and lifestyle. These are your best clues!  KATIE SAYS:  “Classic, romantic, modern and beyond. We have great options for everyone.”

An engagement ring box with a solitaire engagement ring with sparkles around it.

4. Do you like ring-band combos with harmonious sensibilities? Go for a set that’s a perfect match, or explore complementary style elements.

“A matching set is instantly elegant—but there’s more than one way to achieve a refined look.”
A hand-drawn illustration of two rings intertwined with sparkles around them.

5. Don’t be afraid to mix things up.

“Try contrasting textures, or colors, or a playful-yet-elegant mix of diamond and gemstone shapes. All are fantastic ways to express personal style.”
A hand-drawn illustration of a heart with sparkles around it.

6. Little details can be dramatic—just as eye-popping as a substantial center stone.

“You can easily transform your engagement ring into a beautiful work of art with details like signature halos, unique pavé settings or hand-engraved details.”
Hand-drawn illustration of a woman's hand wearing a sparkling engagement ring.

7. Factor in your partner’s style. Your bands needn’t match—but there are some great complementary options to consider.

“There are so many ways to coordinate an engagement ring set with your partner’s wedding band—through metal color, diamond shape, texture or style.”
A hand-drawn illustration of a woman's shoe, man's shoe and a pair of glasses.

8. Want something unexpected? There are countless ways to show your personal style.

“It's your engagement ring—so go with what you love! Add color with gemstones, stack multiple bands or keep it streamlined and sparkling with a gorgeous eternity band.”
A hand-drawn illustration of a hand with multiple yellow gold rings on.