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Gemstones and Their Meanings

Perfect for jewellery and surprisingly symbolic, many gemstones have special meanings that make them truly alluring. Precious and semi-precious gemstones of all types are believed to carry special symbolism, energies and even healing properties. Whether you’re looking for a gemstone that symbolizes good luck, gems to match your zodiac sign or meaningful gemstones to attract money, there’s a shining crystal or gem that fits the bill.
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A lucky blue topaz pendant featuring a round diamond halo on a white gold chain

Gemstone Symbolism

These shimmering stones have ancient legacies of being carried in the hope of attracting luck, wealth and love, or to promote healing or mental balance. Gemstones have long been associated with the signs of the zodiac, too, with different stones signifying energies that align with a zodiac sign’s particular planets and constellations. From placing an emerald under the tongue to tell the future or praying by the light emanating from a topaz, to simply carrying a garnet when traveling as a symbol of safety, gemstones are surrounded by rich lore that adds fascination to their sparkle.

Good Luck Gemstones

If you’re hoping to attract a little extra luck into your life, there’s a wide variety of gemstone talismans, each with subtle differences in the types of energy they are supposed to channel. For general good fortune, there are plenty of lucky gemstones to choose from, allowing you to pick one that is specifically suited to the qualities you want to attract to your life and is beautifully suited to your style. Just a few examples of lucky stones include:


Boasting soothing colours from rich purple tones to delicate lavender hues, eye-catching amethyst is said to restore harmony and balance, boosting your intuition to help you navigate through life’s decisions with clarity.


Emeralds are associated with being able to visualize the future and discern the truth


The dramatic red ruby symbolizes wisdom to help guide you, as well as serving as a talisman for good health.


The mesmerizingly blue turquoise stone has a reputation for recharging your positive energy and inviting fortune into your life.


Said to protect against death and disease, the topaz is a symbol of good health. According to legend, Hildegard of Bingen, a Roman Catholic saint in the 11th century, read prayers by the light created by a topaz.


Rich blue and shimmering, tanzanite is said to help you focus on positive energy and find your sense of independence.

Gemstones to Attract Money

If you’re hoping to attract financial success, these money-focused stones are storied to help keep you focused on your goals and invite wealth into your life.


The cheery honey-toned hue of citrine is particularly fitting to its symbolism as a stone of prosperity and fending off bad luck.


It’s not just the attention-drawing green tone to this gem that can remind you of money—peridot has a reputation for increasing will-power and inspiring clear thinking, both of which are helpful in keeping you on track to financial success.


A stone of wisdom, the sapphire is also believed to bring its bearer luck in recovering lost wealth.

Gemstones to Attract Love

Invite love into your life, or stay inspired to strengthen your current connections when you wear or carry these romantically-inspired stones.


The passionate red hue of a ruby instantly rounses a sense of romance, and many cultures consider them to be symbolic of life itself.


The classic choice for engagement and wedding rings, a diamond is the hardest element on earth, and captures a sense of everlasting commitment and purity.


The soothing blue aquamarine symbolizes serenity and open communication. It was often given to sailors to keep them safe at sea, and keeps partners connected even when apart.


Pearls represent purity and trust, making them a highly romantic gemstone.

Gemstones that Boost Creativity

If you’re looking for a little boost to your creativity as you work, why not carry one of these lucky gemstones associated with thought and inspiration.


Wear or carry amethyst to inspire clarity and sharpness of thought.


Deep red and shimmering, a garnet is said to inspire your courage and hope while uplifting your spirit—all important qualities when you’re tackling a creative challenge.


Tying into its reputation for bringing prosperity, this golden-toned stone stands for abundance and bringing you through difficult situations.


Soothing moonstone with its mysterious shimmer, known as adularescence, has long been fabled to be made of moonbeams. This stone is associated with harmony and intuition, which can help keep you on track in creative work.

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Zodiac Gemstones: What Gemstones Say About You

Zodiac stones or astral stones, correspond to the energies of the constellations and planets that rule over that sign.

They are tied to astrology with the concept that certain stones will amplify the energies and effects of the constellations and planets on a particular person, based on the placement of the celestial bodies at the time they were born.

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Gemstones, Crystals and Their Meanings in History

While many gemstones have modern meanings, ancient cultures also attributed special symbolism and strength to specific gems and crystals. Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all believed specific gems could provide unique powers for a wide range of needs.

Many gems and crystals were considered to be amulets of protection, good luck or even direct treatments for specific ailments. Many societies in the Middle Ages would prescribe specific gems, such as rubies, emeralds or citrine to treat conditions such as bleeding, eye problems or jaundice. They believed that the colours and unique properties of gemstones and crystals were connected to healing properties.

Today’s Gemstone Meanings & Symbolism

Crystal healing is a common thread for cultures throughout the world, from ancient societies to modern day. Today, gemstones are most commonly revered for their beauty and symbolism. Many are also associated with zodiac signs or birth months. Crystals and gemstones with special meanings are valued in their various states including clusters, geodes, slices and expertly-finished high polished presentations in gemstone jewellery.

Common Zodiac Stones by Sign

Zodiac stones are said to enhance positive energies and help provide balance as you face your own particular challenges. Unlike birthstones, there is no official list of zodiac stones, and each zodiac sign has many stones associated with it due to many different cultures and regions choosing different stones to assign various planet-related properties to. This gives you lots of room to choose from when shopping for a specially significant stone. Most importantly, you should feel a sense of connection in the zodiac stone that you choose—especially if you’re hoping for it to inspire self-discovery or a feeling of peace. Follow your instinct, and if a certain type of stone doesn’t excite you, feel free to be inspired by the other options.
(March 21 – April 19)


Aries signs embody bold, fierce energy, and the dramatic bloodstone or fiery diamond complements their daring tendencies with clarity and stability.
(April 20 – May 20)


A Taurus’s patience and deep sensitivity may be enhanced by the wisdom-related qualities of sapphires and emeralds.
(May 21 – June 20)


Enhance Gemini’s tendency to be quick-thinking and flexible, while calming their nervous energy with the help of soothing agate, chalcedony, aquamarine and pearl.
(June 21 – July 22)


The emotional, heartfelt nature of Cancer is heightened by passionate rubies and truth-inspiring emeralds, and it’s calmed by shimmering moonstones or pearls and supportive citrine.
(July 23 – August 22)


The bold energy of a Leo harmonizes with peridot's reputation for clear thinking and Zircon's symbolism of honour and self-confidence
(August 23 – September 22)


The highly cerebral Virgo embraces the clear thinking and wisdom-themed energy of blue sapphires and peridots, while garnets lend a dash of courage and daring to inspire Virgos to let go of overly strict ideas of perfection and live freely.
(September 23 – October 22)


The social nature of a Libra resonates with nurturing nature associated with jade. The sharp thinking represented by a peridot or sapphire helps them be diplomatic without becoming too influenced by others.
(November 23 – December 21)


The upbeat, intellectual nature of Sagittarius thrives with blue topaz’s themes of loyalty and honesty. Turquoise complements the optimism of Sagittarius with a sense of wisdom and tranquility, and citrine symbolizes mental balance.
(October 23 – November 22)


The social nature of a Libra resonates with nurturing nature associated with jade. The sharp thinking represented by a peridot or sapphire helps them be diplomatic without becoming too influenced by others.
(December 22 – January 19)


Ambitious, hard-working Capricorn may appreciate the ruby as a symbol of luck and abundance or the inner fire and empowerment of garnets. Peridot compliments them with a sense of peace and calm.
(January 20 – February 18)


Calming amethyst encourages the friendly energy and thoughtfulness of Aquarius. Their loyal tendencies are reflected in the friendship and love symbolism of garnets.
(February 19 – March 20)


Balance the free-spirited imagination and enhance the empathetic nature of Pisces with soothing amethyst, turquoise or aquamarine.

Gemstone Meanings FAQ

Romantic gemstones and crystals are believed to help their wearers attract love. Rubies are a popular precious gemstone with close ties to love. Amethyst, garnet, rose quartz and moonstone are also gemstones and crystals that are regarded as love stones.
Ancient Sumerians in Mesopotamia over 6,000 years ago used gemstones to facilitate healing and the special healing properties have carried over to modern-day gemstone symbolism. Healing gemstones and crystals include amethyst, moonstone, obsidian, citrine and quartz varieties.
In many cultures, gemstones including black onyx and turquoise are believed to bring strength to their wearers.
Calming gemstones include sapphire and amethyst. For calming crystals chose selenite, black tourmaline or tiger’s eye.
Many people believe that wearing a gemstone or crystal will bring its symbolism and properties to the wearer. This makes jewellery an especially popular option for enjoying meaningful gemstones.

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